Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Music Wednesday

So, who else is a sucker for cheesy '80s movies?  It's sort of ridiculous how much I love them, even though they're terrible.  Case in point?  Footloose.  Could that movie be any cheesier?  (I really wish you could hear my Chandler Bing impression in person.  It's amazing.  Amazingly awful.)  But I love it anyway.  I haven't yet seen the remake, but I really want to. 

This week's song is actually a remake of my favorite song from the movie, Holding Out for a Hero.  This version is by Ella Mae Bowen, and it's GORGEOUS.  Like beautiful.  And because I'm awesome, the video is actually a clip from Julianne Hough's performance to the song (with a little Blake Shelton at the end).   I have a feeling that you'll love it even if you don't share my love for cheesy '80s movies.


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