Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project Scripture: Week One

Happy New Year, everyone! :)  I hope you guys all had a wonderful New Years Eve!  I've been under the weather and accidentally woke up at 4 am yesterday morning and couldn't go back to sleep, so we barely made it to midnight last night.  We had dinner at Micah's parents' house and played dominoes (I know, we're so old) but left at 11:15 so we could be home at midnight (I wanted to get home safe before all the drunkety-drunk drivers got out on the road).  We didn't quite make it and had to pull over so that we could kiss at midnight. :)

I haven't gotten all my resolutions finished up, but they're coming soon, I promise.

But I DID get my board all ready to start Project Scripture!  I'm so, so excited about this, y'all.  It's always fun to set goals and even more fun to achieve them, and I know we can all do this together. :)  I did some research to see if I could find any suggestions for effective ways to memorize scripture, and I really liked this approach.  

I've had a couple of different verses up on the board for the past few weeks, and I found that it really helped me to visualize the board as I was reciting it to myself throughout the day.  I have a bit of a photographic memory, so that works for me.  I also have found, just generally, that words set to music are easier to memorize.  For this week, check out Ginny Owens's song Thy Word, which contains Psalm 119:105. :)

Okay, y'all.  Let's get down to business.

Here's the verse for Week One!

Happy memorizing, y'all!  :) (And, if you're memorizing your own verses, post them in the comments.)


Aydee said...

I think I have the first this one down and we are not in the middle of the week yet! Doing great! :) By the way thank you for the memorizing tips, very useful and practical, will come in handy with the longer scriptures!

Ryan said...

Yay, Aydee! I know - we're only three days into the new year, but I'm thinking this is going to be TOTALLY doable! We'll see, though, when we're well into the year whether I can keep them all straight! :)

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