Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolute... better late than never

I already told you guys how not well I did in sticking to last year's resolutions, but I'm making resolutions for 2012 anyway.   I am, at the very least, persistent, if not consistent. So here we go.

Continue to Lose Weight
Well, I weighed in tonight, and I'm down 36 pounds total since the end of September.  I actually lost another 3.5 pounds over the holiday!  (I'm not sure how, since I cheated a lot.)  At this point, I've got my eye on the prize and am in it for the long haul.  And I hope that my resolution for next year will be to just maintain my goal weight. :) 

Add a Workout Regime
I know that I can lose the weight I want to lose by watching what I eat, but to get to the healthy place I want to get to, I'm going to have to start working out.  I haven't committed to a particular program yet, but it's definitely on my mind, and I'll let you know what I end up going with. 

Finish Decorating the House
We've got a LOT of the big things taken care of, but we still have plenty to finish up in the house.  In the master bedroom, I need curtains, bedside tables, and things for the wells.  In the kitchen/living room, I need accessories, a shelf, something for the niche above the stairs, and a table for the entryway.  In the dining room, I need curtains, accessories for the buffet, to finish up the centerpiece for the dining table, and things for the walls.  We've got most of the office to do, and all of the game room, as well.  I think we can realistically finish these things up by the end of the year.  What do you guys think?

Figure Out a Plan to Pay My Law School Loans Off Early
Technically, I still have nine years to pay off my loans, but I really, really want to get them paid off in five.  I just hate the idea of dragging out debt when we could be capable of paying them down quickly if we could get organized and streamline our expenditures a bit.  So by the end of this year, I hope to do that.

Take More Pictures
I had originally planned on taking a picture every day, but I figured my husband and dog would get REALLY sick of me sticking the camera in their faces (since I really have nothing else to photograph) and gave up on the idea.  Then I saw Katy's post about taking a picture every day just for the month of January and loved it.  They even give you the subjects for your pictures! 

So, even though I missed day two (I actually did take a picture of myself on New Years Day), I'm hopping on board.  Here's today's picture of something I adore. :)

(So silly.)

I'll try and post the pictures each week, and I'll definitely post them all at the end of the month.  And when January is over, I plan on making an effort to continue taking pictures.  I love looking back at them.

Project Scripture
I'm probably most excited about memorizing 52 verses this year.  Our Sunday School teacher has said been stressing how important it is for Christians to "know what we know."  I don't want to take the Scripture for granted, and I don't want to just believe what I've been told.  I want to know that I know the intricacies of this love letter God has given us, and memorizing Scripture is a big part of that.  So here's to knowing what we know in 2012!  And I'm so, so glad so many of you are joining in on the fun.  It's so much fun to be doing this together. :)

Finish Reading the Bible
On a related note, I started several years ago trying to read the entire Bible and got about halfway through.  But then I just stopped, and I'm not sure why.  This probably deserves its own post at some point, but for now I'll just say that I'm ready to start back up and get it done. 

Get Pregnant
Ha!  This isn't really a resolution so much as a prayer, but I figured I'd throw it in anyway.  I'm so excited for this time in our lives.  (And just to clarify - we're not trying just yet, but we're planning on starting sometime this year - God willing.)

I think that's about it!  These resolutions seem much more doable than last year's.  (Maybe the key is setting the bar low so I'm pleasantly surprised!)  And I think the key will be relying upon God's strength when mine fails (as it will inevitably do).  Isn't everything better when we give it to God? :) 


Sarah McMullin said...

Get pregnant? You just blew my mind.

Ryan said...

Well, we figured there's never going to be a "perfect" time, so we might as well get started! :) I'm super freaked out about how in the heck I'm going to juggle it all, but I know I'll figure it out somehow. :)

The Autry's said...

I'm trying to read the bible this year too!!! I'm using a plan in the YouVersion Bible App. ESV Study Bible-1 year plan.

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