Monday, July 9, 2012

I swear I'm not crazy...

I feel certain that you're all going to think I'm insane after I share this secret with you. But I'm going to tell you anyway because it'll be worth all the crazy looks you're going to give me once you figure out how genius this idea is.

Ready for it?

I keep a tube of this stuff in my makeup bag.

Before you hate on me for going way overboard on the TMI scale, hear me out. 

This is not the . . . ahem . . . medication sold by Monistat. This is just a chafing relief gel which is supposed to help with irritation of the bikini area from shaving.

And I use it as my foundation primer.

First, if you don't use a foundation primer, you should definitely try some version of one.  You put it on before you apply your foundation, and it helps smooth out the surface of your skin and keeps your foundation on longer.  I haven't always used it, but my skin definitely needs it.

Second, here's why I'm not crazy.  As an initial matter, I'm not the only one who discovered the genius of this product.  There are TONS of reviews/commentary on the use of this product as a foundation primer.  Apparently, it contains ingredients which are very similar to the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.  Having used both of them, myself, I can tell you that they function identically, at least on my skin.

And the best part? 

The Monistat product costs $6.79 on Amazon, while the Smashbox product costs $36 (and only contains 1 oz. compared to the 1.5 oz. in the Monistat tube). 

So basically, you'd be silly not to make the switch. Even if you would technically be putting va-jay-jay gel on your face. :)


Anonymous said...

holy cow thank you for sharing this!!!! i have very oily skin and foundation just melts off of me..i can see where this product would work! i had looked into primers before but like you said they are so pricey so i never bought one but this i could do! thanks!


Emily said...

I use this stuff too-great minds think alike!! :)

Annabelle said...

This is too funny! I love your last sentence about putting va-jay-jay gel on your face! ha!

Established: 2008 said...

Interesting tip!

Charlotte said...

Love love love this tip! I have used Smashbox and love it but can not stand how expesive/small it is! I am so trying this. You should link this up Thursday on my friend Carolyn's blog Silly Happy Sweet. She is starting a new "My Favorite Things Thursday" linky party this week!

Here is the link:

Hope you have a great week!

Kristin said...

So here's my confession: I don't use real foundation. I've never even thought of buying primer. I just use loose brush on powder (that's marketed as foundation..I don't even know the brand) and I bought it 3 years ago.
However, I have heard of Vagisil being used for crow's feet around the eyes, so it doesn't surprise me that the ingredients in Monistat work as a primer!

Janna Mae said...

You aren't crazy...I use it too and it is AWESOME!! :) new follower...just wanted to say hi!

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