Saturday, July 7, 2012

Things my Daddy says...

If you're new around these parts, you may not know that I'm from a super small town where my parents and grandparents grew up. 

I love my sweet town for a million reasons (a few of which I wrote about here), but one of them has to be the fact that we tend to phrase things a little differently than city folk do. :)

After having spent almost a week straight with my dad, I learned a few things I hadn't heard before and I thought I'd share the love.  And the redneck. 

"of a morning"
E.g. "I like to have my coffee of a morning."
My dad didn't even realize that he'd been saying this, and he couldn't explain why he didn't just say "every morning."  It makes me giggle every time I think about it.

"plum nickel"
E.g. "I wouldn't give a plum nickel for that overpriced shrimp."
Does anyone know if a plum nickel is a real thing, or is this something we Josephineans made up?  To Google I shall go...

"Vie-een-ey sausages"
E.g. "I could go for some Vie-een-ey sausages right about now."
Nope, not Vienna.  It's Vie-een-ey.  We're really classy, y'all.

E.g. "I'm sure as hell not going to use someone else's loofie when I shower."
To be fair to other southerners, I think Daddy just didn't know that it was really called a loofah.  But I laughed at him (loudly) nonetheless.

E.g. "Those squirrels keep throwing those damned agerns down into my yard."
Again, not acorns.  Agerns.  This is probably another Daddy original (and I've made fun of him about this one for years, actually), but it might be my favorite. 

I feel certain there are more, but I'm afraid I might overwhelm you if I don't stop now.

Now, go enjoy some Vie-een-ey sausages, would you? ;)


Kathryn said...

Lol, my dad says A-kerns, which is similar. Dads are funny!

Joey said...

I love this! Your daddy sounds like a great gem! Thanks for sharing these. I started my Saturday out with a giggle :)

Sarah said...

Everyone I know says vi-eee-nys lol

Brandi Gail said...

this made me giggle..inside and outside! :)

Liz said...

We are from Kansas and my Dad says WARSH instead of wash. When did an R get in that word??

Candice said...

I have heard the expression "plum nickel." This post made me smile. :) :)

Annabelle said...

This is so cute! I did a post like this once! They are fun! My grandpa say "Vi-en-ers" and something else he says is "towel paper" instead of paper towel! Dang southerners just have their own language!

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Laura said...

Haha! Too funny! I have heard of a plum nickel. My parents call soda "tonic" and jeans are "dungarees".

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