Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fifteen Weeks...

How far along?  Fifteen weeks.

Baby is the size of... an orange.

Best moment this week?  Getting to see our little orange moving all around during the ultrasound and hearing that sweet heartbeat.

Miss anything?  My husband.  I am not going to whine about being apart from him for two weeks for trial because so many wives deal with their military husbands being gone (in dangerous places) for MONTHS at a time.  But I will say that I'd rather be where he is than just about anywhere on earth.

Movement?  Y'all, I keep feeling little teeny, tiny flutters.  But then, I've been so gassy, it's impossible to tell whether it's the baby (TMI... sorry).

Sleep?  I'm sleeping like a rock.  Hallelujah!

Food cravings?  Water.  Lots and lots of water.

What makes you queasy/sick?  Too much of any food.  I've been stupidly eating big meals, and baby apparently is more of a snacker right now. ;)

Morning sickness?  Nausea is about 99% gone.  Amen.

Other symptoms?  My skin is still out of control, but on the plus side, my hair and nails are looking fabulous!  And no headaches this week!

Gender?  Micah thinks it's a girl. I'm pretty positive it's a boy. :)

Looking forward to... verifying that these little flutters I'm feeling are the baby.  And our sixteen-week appointment once trial is over!


Kaitlyn said...

I think its a boy too! And I bet those little flutters are the baby!!

Lisamarie said...

Oh no! You are in trial?!? Is it out of town? I've only been through two trials and both required me to stay away from home for at least a week. I was dying. I feel your pain, friend! But be strong. You will get through it!

Faith said...

I'm almost positive those flutters are that sweet lil baby!! Best feeling ever!

Candice said...

Based on your might say girl. :) Gotta love those Old Wives' Tales!!

Established: 2008 said...

Isn't movement the best?!?!?!

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