Monday, December 17, 2012


I've struggled with what I should say about the horrific shootings in Connecticut.  In fact, I wondered whether I should say anything at all.  People much more brilliant and eloquent than I am have already said just about all there is to say about the atrocities of a madman entering a place where children should feel safe and unilaterally ending the futures of twenty-six people in a matter of minutes. 

And so I think I'll just offer up another prayer for those who are left picking up the pieces of their lives.  Those who are grieving the loss of their child, their mother, their wife, their fiance, their favorite principal.  Those who will never again feel safe or secure in their homes and school. They are living my worst nightmare, and I just keep praying that His peace and comfort will sustain them.

And in honor of the victims, I'm joining other bloggers who are participating in the bloggers' day of silence tomorrow.  I'll post only the button below:


I'll also be joining those who are donating to Newtown Family Youth and Family Services, which is collecting donations on behalf of those who have been affected by the shootings.

Seems like a small thing we could all do to make a big difference for those who could use some kindness after having their lives ruined by the worst kind of hate. 

Join me?

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