Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mommy in Training: stuff I need but don't know I need

After all your fabulous advice on the carseats and strollers, I'm hitting you gals up for more tips for this mommy-to-be who needs all the help she can get.

I've started a registry list, and I feel like I have all the basics covered.  (If you're curious, we decided to register for the Chicco Keyfit 30 carseat and a cheaper, lightweight stroller frame because I'd just heard that the travel system strollers were pretty bulky.  Plus, this is what my sister-in-law used, and my parents already have the extra bases for this system.  I will probably also register for the City Mini Jogger because you gals raved about it, and because I need all the incentive I can get to make me want to get out and walk/jog with her.) 

But I know I'm missing things that have probably been lifesavers for you guys.  I know so much of the "little" things will be baby-specific, but I want to do my very best to expect the unexpected. :)

So this week, I want to know:

What did you end up needing/loving that you didn't know you'd need/love?

(And since I'm not sure I'll get to another one of these posts before I register, shout out any- and everything you think I absolutely must register for... basic or not.  Feel free to assume that I've forgotten to register for obvious things because, chances are, I have. :))


Jessica K said...

A sound machine. We actually didn't register for it, but made a run for one before she was a week old! It was, and still is (3 years later) are life saver! They get so used to noise in the womb - and now my girl is used to the waves! Also, you can never have too many burp rags and receiving blankets! (PS - The cloth diapers make AMAZING burp cloths. Wide enough for your husband's shoulder, and think enough to not leak through!) Oh, and I recommend the head thermometer. Best and most accurate reading.

The Links said...

Things you need......

I second LOTS of burp clothes. I swear we had 20 and we used every single on of them each week.

Lots of little softy bibs for spit up and drool

Butt Paste


Sound Bear or Machine

Nail Clippers with a light on the end

Temporal Thermometer

A K'Link :) ya, know similar to a K'Tan, but I make them!! It was a lifesaver when Pearson was fussy in the evenings or when I would go grocery shopping. I could have two hands free but still hold him!!

Aquafor....it's good for everything!!

Boogie wipes

Snack Traps (munchkin brand is my favorite.)

Plastic bibs (when starts eating baby food, these are so nice to just be able to wipe off the food rather than it leaving stains on the cloth bibs)

Paci clips (P prefers MAM pacis)

Car mirror WITH MUSIC......The key here it to get the one that has music and a light with a remote. It was a lifesaver when Pearson would be crying in the car, we could just turn on the music and he would instantly stop crying.

Sophie the Giraffe- great teething toy!


Boppy Newborn Lounger- My absolute favorite thing when he was little. Its the perfect little pillow to lay them in. It's similar to the Nap Nanny, but WAY cheaper. Like $100 cheaper!!

Johnson & Johnson Hand and Face Wipes...my favorite for wiping his face and hands after he eats.

Little white Changing table covers that go over your actual changing pad cover. Does that make sense. It's nice to have them on there because when they have blowouts you can just throw the little top cover in the wash and not have to wash the entire thing.

Cloth teething rails for the crib. (wish someone would have told me this before Pearson ate half of his crib. Grrrrr.)

Mylocon for those fussy evenings in the beginning

Lansinoh nipple cream (if you plan on breastfeeding, I wrote a really long post all about my experience)

SwaddleMe Swaddle blankets

The Links said...

Apparently my comment was too long so here is the rest.......

Things you DON'T need...
(in my opinion)
a wipe warmer.....you can't warm the wipes when your out so why warm them when you are home. They get used to a cold cloth on their butts.

Boppy.....I didn't use mine. My boobs were higher than the pillow so I would still end up holding Pearson rather than letting him lay on the pillow. Plus if you get used to nursing them with a pillow you'll feel like you always have to have it and it was nice that I could nurse him anywhere because I didn't need to have a pillow.

Lots of towels......we got more towels than we knew what to do with. I took a ton of them back and I'm so glad I did. We only had 3 baby towels and now we just have 2 toddler towels. We only bathe Pearson every other day so I just reuse them and wash them each week.

And one last piece of advice that I'm SOOOOOO glad a friend told me.....Don't wash all of her clothes before she comes. Wash them as you wear them. I found that we had WAY to many newborn and 0-3 month clothes so we took a ton back and got clothes for when he was older. You don't get out much in the beginning and it's just so much easier to throw them in a onesie in the beginning. You really don't need that many clothes. They go through them so quickly. We were able to buy clothes for Pearson through his first birthday with store credits that we had from baby clothes that we took back.

Itzbeen Baby Timer......I was so excited about this when I was pregnant, but never used it. They have apps on your phone you can use or I actually ended up just writing it out on paper. It was easier for me to see what his daily schedule was like rather just just seeing how longs its been since I fed him last. I personally thing the Itzbeen is kind of pointless.

Beaba Babyfood Maker- I used it for Pearson but I actually already sold it. It doesn't make a whole lot of food at once. You could totally steam and puree your own food and make much bigger batches. Although, I don't plan on making homemade babyfood for our next baby. It was too much work and I could always get storebought for cheap. Pearson actually prefered store bought anyways!!

Okay, sorry for the super long comment but I hope some of this helps!!

Rebekah said...

My absolute favorite thing that I didn't know I would need was a travel swing. It's way smaller than a normal swing and I carried it all over the house. It was a LIFESAVER when I wanted a shower. I planned my shower time for morning nap time, stuck her in the swing in the bathroom and I could shower and peek at her at the same time.

Laura said...

Things we loved: lots of burp cloths, boppy pillow, papasan swing (serious lifesaver). My biggest piece of advice would be NOT to buy a bunch of stuff though. You really don't need it all and if you do, you can go to bru and buy it. We had a lot of things that got almost no use (bottles and pacifiers) that we should have just waited on or left unopened so we could return it. Also, while I like lansinoh cream, I personally preferred the mother love nipple cream. It seemed to actually heal my nipples rather than just sooth them and it is also great as a lubricant on your nipples for pumping. If you are planning on pumping a lot the little pump milk bags are handy so you don't have to have a million bottles in your freezer (that no baby will ever drink...) I seriously need to do a post just about breastfeeding :)

Annabelle said...

One thing you need that you may not register for is a night gown or house coat type. It was a life save for me at night getting up to feed!

Audrey & Randon said...

I LOVE my Summer Infant Baby Touch Monitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so nice being able to see them!!! Terryl tried to jump out of the crib a few months ago and luckily I was watching the monitor and caught him! I like the SwaddleMe Swaddle blankets! Terryl lived in his Nap Nanny which was really good for him since he spit up so much and had acid reflux! I also love the footed pjs!

Faith said...

The Rock and Play...it's like a cradle, but a lil more versatile....but don't bother registering for it ;) I also second pretty much everything Katy and Audrey said!

Liz said...

A life saver for me was having a baby bouncer chair (that vibrates). Here's an example: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2508008

I had twins though so that's why it saved me.
Also having paci's and paci clips was something I didn't realize I would need lots of. Those paci's disappear!
So happy for you and your precious one that you're expecting- very exciting!

The Morrows said...

I love and still use (even for my toddlers) the Orbitz Labels from Inchbug. You put them on bottles, formula cups, and then sippy cups. You never have to use stickers or Sharpies to put your baby's name on any of that stuff again. You get 4 for $12.95 on inchbug.com

I also used my bouncy seat, boppy pillow(even when you don't use it for feelings, it is great for sitting the baby down in it to keep his head elevated after feedings) ,and bumbo seat alot!

OneMommy said...

With our first, I loved this little pillow thing that kept her on her back. My second? He hated the thing. LOL.
Lots of burb cloths (to repeat a few people) and a fast thermometer. Our first one took FOREVER! We finally found one that took a temp. in seconds; much better!

Ashley O'Brien said...

I suggest a Boppy! We used it a bit when we gave baby his bottle, but we also used it to help him thru the first few weeks of tummy time, when he had a cold we used it to prop him up while he slept and now that he sits up we put it around him so if he falls he is covered! Oh...and sometimes I've used it to sleep on, too ;). So comfy!

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