Monday, January 14, 2013

Week Twenty-Six

I never got around to taking a photo last week, so we're just combining weeks twenty-five and twenty-six, if that's alright with you guys. :)

(holy cow, y'all... she has GROWN since my last picture!)

(Week twenty-three)

How far along?  Twenty-six weeks.

Baby is the size of... an English cucumber.

Best moment this week?  Watching Micah work tirelessly to get the house ready for Grace's arrival and meeting with my besties to start planning the shower.  It's all coming at me so fast!

Miss anything?  Being able to walk around and run errands without being worn out.  Putting on this baby weight (and boy have I put on some weight...) makes me feel like I felt before I lost it all, and I remember how tired I was all the time.  I'm even more determined than ever to get back on the plan hardcore once she arrives.

Movement?  All the time.  Again, I'm still trying to discern any sort of a pattern to her movement, but I'm not very observant, so I haven't yet figured out when she's most active. 

Sleep?  Still sleeping fabulously, thankfully.  I'm just waiting for the sleepless nights to hit.

Food cravings?  I've actually had a taste for Mexican food the last couple of weeks, which is funny considering that I couldn't even stand the thought of Mexican food in the first trimester. 

What makes you queasy/sick?  Nothing.  Hallelujah!

Morning sickness?  No nausea in the past week or so.

Other symptoms?  Heartburn nearly every night.  Thank the Lord for Zantac 75.  Last week I had incredibly intense tightness and pain in my lower abdomen... right where she's sitting.  It was a little scary, but she contined to stay active, and I didn't have any other symptoms, so I figured it was ligament pain.  I finally called my doctor's office on the fourth day of constant, sharp pain, and she confirmed that it was just ligament pain and that I didn't need to worry.  Thankfully I started feeling better the next day.  I've also had some swelling in my feet and ankles.  And my boobs are getting enormous.   

Gender?  It's a GIRL!

Looking forward to... continuing to finish up the nursery and going to register sometime soon!  (I'll be doing a registry must-haves post in the next day or two so you guys can tell me all the things you didn't know you needed... until you did. :))


Established: 2008 said...

Cute picture!

Joy said...

I'm dying to see this nursery put together!!! You look beautiful... and you are suppose to have a big baby bump!! You're a growing mommy!

Kristin said...

You're still looking so stylish! Love that scarf.

I'll be really interested in reading your exercise plan after Grace makes her arrival.

Candice said...

Wow...26 weeks already? I can't believe it. It's seems to be going fast, but then again, I'm not the one who's pregnant! :)

Erin said...

You look SO SO adorable! I love the name you picked out-- Grace has always been a fave of mine :) Can't wait to see her cute nursery!!!

Annabelle said...

Heartburn was the worst for me too! Ugh! I know how you feel! I cannot wait to see the final product of the nursery! It's going to be FAB!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

I registered already and I'm 22 that bad? PS. I need to start my nursery! Can't wait to see the progress you've made:)

Kaitlyn said...

LOVE the baby bump! You have "the glow"!! Can't wait to see the nursery as well!

Courtney Cakes said...

You look so beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful!!

Emily said...

You look great!! :) I miss the same things you do...I just get so tired so quickly. This weight stinks!

ThistleAshD said...

So exciting- those belly bursts where they just grow like crazy are so amazing :)

The Copeland Family said...

You are so darn cute!!

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