Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Week Twenty-Four...

(No bump picture this week, y'all.  I've been too sick to worry about things like showering and putting on non-pajama clothing... :))

How far along?  Twenty-four weeks.  How in the heck am I so far along already?

Baby is the size of... an ear of corn. 

Best moment this week?  Getting all the big-picture things for the nursery settled.  Turns out, Buy Buy Baby did have a white twill fabric that we liked for the chair, so we're all set there!  So now we can check off the crib, the dresser, and the glider, and we can move on to the FUN stuff!

Miss anything?  I've been craving sweet tea lately.  Now, make no mistake, I definitely let myself have a glass every now and then, but I'm telling you guys... I could drink a gallon a day right now.

Movement?  All. The. Time.  I don't think I'll ever stop feeling amazed when I feel her little kicks.  It's just the sweetest thing.

Sleep?  Sleeping great.  Although I could definitely use more of it.  I've felt SO sleepy lately!

Food cravings?  Apart from the tea, I haven't been craving anything, really. 

What makes you queasy/sick?  Not a whole lot.

Morning sickness?  Just a teensy bit of nausea every now and then. 

Other symptoms?  I had my twenty-four week checkup on Monday, and apparently the rash I've had on my arm for about two weeks now is actually a bout of Eczema.  Oh, goody.  My doctor didn't think it was something that would stick around after the pregnancy, but who knows.  Thankfully, my bronchitis is getting much better.  I felt well enough to brave work today, and my voice is sounding less and less man-ish. Ha. :)  Other than that, I just have the occasional headache.

Gender?  It's a GIRL!

Looking forward to... receiving the fabric samples from the girl who is making my crib bedding.  Once I can see, in person, exactly what the colors will look like, I can start picking out things like curtains, artwork, and a rug.  I cannot even believe that Grace will be here in FOUR MONTHS! 


Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

Hope you start to feel better soon! Really excited to see the nursery come together:)

Amber in South Carolina said...

Hope you feel better! Eczema is no fun, I use Eucerin and it really helps. It's not greasy like some other lotions.

Jessica K said...

Enjoy those kicks and flutters. Although she soon will be a lot closer and way more fun to snuggle, I really missed those kicks inside!

Camille said...

Aww, what a beautiful name. :)

My eczema gets bad when I'm pregnant. If it keeps giving you trouble, you could try hydrocortisone cream and/or hazelwood & amber jewelry. That's what helped mine. :)

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