Friday, March 22, 2013

High five for Friday 5...

Yay for Friday!

One.  Miss Grace and I started our weekly appointments today.  It's so surreal that we're already at this point.  I am 70% effaced (TMI?) but not dilated at all.  I won't complain even a teensy bit because, as far as I'm concerned, she can keep baking away in there.  We've still got a lot to do before she arrives!

Two.  The girls at work (and several of the male attorneys' wives) threw me the most lovely shower.  It was at an adorable tea room in Dallas, and they went all out.

 photo workshower.jpg

More macaroons (have I mentioned how much I adore them?), delicious food, and sweet, handmade touches. 

And, by golly... in addition to all of the ADORABLE cute things they got me (including several lawyer-themed onesies - one says "Attorney Work Product" on it.  I die.), the hostesses went in together to get me the City Mini Jogging Stroller I registered for.  I'm so thankful for these girls.  They make long hours and stressful days so much more bearable. :)

Three.  I just ordered some headbands from here for Grace. 

 photo 20130322.jpg

I've looked all around Etsy for pretty, handmade headbands and bows, and most of them are SO expensive.  These look like great quality for (relatively) decent prices, and I can't wait to see them on our sweet girl.

Four.  Wouldn't you know it... not an hour after I posted the nursery reveal yesterday, I got a call from Buy Buy Baby telling me that our glider is in.  So it looks like we'll be heading to Frisco tomorrow to pick that up and (hopefully) grab the last few things that we're going to need before Grace gets here. 

Five.  I saved the very best for last.  I had told you guys about a month ago about my sweet Mimi having lung cancer.  Over the past few weeks, she's been to a series of doctors, had multiple biopsies, a PET scan, and all kinds of other un-fun things.  But we found out today that her PET scan was CLEAR!  The cancer hasn't spread anywhere else, and it looks like the tumor is going to be treatable with a few rounds of radiation, which she should start soon. 

To understand what a blessing this is, you'd have to know that Mimi was adamantly opposed to doing any sort of chemo, and the doctors had already told her that she wouldn't survive an operation to remove the tumor.  So radiation was really the only shot, and we were so worried that she might have a kind of cancer that couldn't be treated with radiation.  Needless to say, we're all jumping for joy at this wonderful news! :)

 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg  

What are you guys high fiving about this week?  Link up with Lauren and Joy and let us know!


Joy said...

Such awesome news!!! So happy that everything is going to be okay!! Prayers work!! And yay about the glider. You'll be rocking that sweet girl in it before too much longer! YAY!! And such sweet co-workers, love the photos from the shower. AND, i'm dying over that headband. I can't wait to see her little cutie patootie self in them! Not much longer! Hang in there! Love you!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

I have quite the headband collection already..but more never hurt. and they have the CUTEST ones on Etsy! Everyone has been asking if I'm ready to have her.. I'm like..NO FREAKING WAY! I don't know if I'll ever be fully prepared lol

Established: 2008 said...

So glad to hear that your grandmother is doing better! And headbands is one of the things I'm really looking forward to with my little lady!

Tiffany said...


Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award. For more details check out the link below:

Tiffany :)

Anonymous said...

YAY for your Mimi! Wonderful news.

Annabelle said...

Yay for glider and no cancer spreading! God's blessings are all around you sweet girl!

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