Monday, March 25, 2013

Week Thirty-Six...

How far along?  Thirty-six weeks.  Insane.

Baby is the size of... a crenshaw melon (whatever that is?).

Best moment this week?  We've had a lot of good moments this week.   My work shower went fabulously.  And then this weekend, Micah and I went and basically bought all the stuff on our registry that we hadn't gotten yet:  bottles, side-snap tshirts, the changing pad, etc.  Our cart at Target was overflowing when we got to the checkout line. 

Miss anything?  Same old, same old.  Sleep.  Bending over.  Feeling my hands.  Being able to walk around a store without wanting to collapse from exhaustion/back pain.

Movement?  Lots this week. 

Sleep?  I don't want to talk about it... :)

Food cravings?  Ice, ice, and more ice.  I've been chomping away on it for about two weeks now.  I'm sure it's terrible for my teeth, but I can't get enough.

What makes you queasy/sick?  Nothing.

Morning sickness?  Nope.

Other symptoms?  I think I've officially started nesting.  My best friend gave me heck at my shower about how disorganized my pantry was.  I was bound and determined to leave it as it was, but I tripped and almost fell (again) over all the stuff on the floor earlier this week.  So we spent last night cleaning out all of the expired food and rearranging some things.  It's so pretty and clean now.

 photo 20130325.jpg

Gender?  She's still our little angel girl!

Looking forward to... finishing everything up in the next couple of weeks so that we're READY whenever she decides to arrive!


Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

Yay for being organized! I've been seriously slacking on the organizing thing these past few weeks of my last trimester are kicking my BUTT. :( Sleep is pretty much not happening at all for me right now. It's tough.. but I'm just trying to get through it. Not long for you now girlie!

Erin said...

Eek! 36 weeks?! You will be feeling those hands in no time ma'am ;) Hope you can somehow get some rest!!

PS- Totally jealous of that pretty, organized and big pantry! We don't have one at all and it drives me crazy trying to find room to store everything!!

Charlotte said...

I can't believe it is getting so close!! I have been eating ice like crazy too... weird! You're pantry looks great. Go mama!!

Joy said...

WOW!!! It's really hard to believe that she will be making her presence anytime now. Seriously, I remember that sweet photo you teased us with right before you made your announcement! Time flies girl!!

Kathryn said...

I can't believe you're already at 36 weeks, almost there! I wish my pantry was as big as yours, mine is so tiny. But it does look nice and organized!

Jessica K said...

I bet it feels good to have everything now. But it feels like you just announced it! Enjoy these last weeks! Can't wait for her big entrance!

Emily said...

She will be here before you know it! I can't wait to see her sweet little face in pictures! I am sure I will love seeing her on my IG feed just like you enjoy seeing Lilly!

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