Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'll probably regret this post someday...

... but I'm writing it anyway.  If only so that you guys can direct me to it after I have a child and end up doing all of these things myself. 

So because I just can't help myself, let's go ahead and call this post: "I'll probably make a liar of myself, but after I have a baby, you won't catch me..."

... posting pictures of myself nursing on Facebook.

I don't dispute that breastfeeding is a beautiful, natural thing.  It is.  And I have NO problem seeing someone nursing in public because, heck, if a kid's gotta eat, the kid's gotta eat.  Nor do I take any issue with informative breastfeeding blog posts like these, which sometimes contain pictures of cute babies nursing.  (In fact, I've loved the girl in the red shoes's breastfeeding diaries series!)

But the nursing selfies I sometimes see on Facebook just bother me because I feel like they're completely gratuitous.  If the world absolutely must know that you're breastfeeding at that precise moment in time, I suppose you can post a status about it (although I'll probably put you in the same category of people that use Facebook as a minute-by-minute update of their lives. ["Just ate dinner, and now I'll do some laundry.  Think I'll grab some ice cream in a bit.  Laterzzz!"])

... sharing pictures of Grace with food all over her face.

This one's all me, y'all.  I swear I'm not judging you when you post pictures of your kid with sweet potatoes all over them.  Most people probably think it's really adorable.  I just get weirded out by those kinds of pictures (particularly those involving savory foods), and I'm not sure why. 

... sharing pictures of Grace's (or my) boo-boos. 

Again, this is probably just me, but I can't stand it when I'm scrolling through my facebook or Instagram feed and I stumble upon a picture of a gruesome cut (or any other sort of bloody malady).  I'm squeamish, and so it's incredibly unsettling to have someone's injury visibly forced upon me like that.  So rest assured that if Grace or I slice something open, I won't be showing you pictures of it.  This one I can promise to abide by. :)

... talking in detail about Grace's bowel movements (or, heaven forbid, showing you pictures of them)

There's a fine line, here.  I'll probably, at some point, lament the fact that she isn't yet potty trained.  And I'm sure I'll be quick to celebrate her potty achievements here on a very generic level. 

But, y'all. 

There are some things that our children won't appreciate us having blasted to the world when they're all grown up.  Their poop is probably one of those things.  (And you can probably be sure that no one is as interested in your child's poop as you are.  Take that for whatever it's worth.)

So there you have it. 

My judgy-judgerson post that probably made some of you angry.  If it did, take heart because I'll probably be judging myself before too long. :)


Charlotte said...

So funny! I agree with you on pretty much all of them. I had never thought about the food on the mouth but now that you mention it, I think that's a little weird sometimes too.

But breastfeeding and poop... no thank you. Save it for the scrapbook, not the internet.

Aileen said...

I'm not a mom yet but I completely agree with you about all of these! People really over share these days. Thankfully I've never seen poop photos. Gross! I see enough at work (peds nurse). Ha

Joy said...

I'm sure I'll eat my words to when we bring a sweet baby home one day, but seriously, I don't want to know what color the poop was or what it looks like. Secondly, I don't want to know that your child pooped in the potty twice today! Great, you are doing your job as a parent, and probably only the grandparents will truly be prouder than you. The breastfeeding photos.... YES. Dear Mommies, I'm soooo proud that you are first of all able to breast feed and second, doing it for the health of your child. However, the porn-ish photos are KILLING me! It's like child porn but with the adult and the child.

Okay, I'll stop ranting... Ha!

Jaimie said...

I agree with you. All of these definitely fall into the category of "TMI"!! Definitely not necessary for the world to see/read about. I appreciate your commitment to not do this! :)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to post any of these things, either!
For me, it's not that breastfeeding or babies with dirty faces are necessarily gross. It's the fact that people are broadcasting a common, every day thing, as if their child in particular is special for doing these things. It's annoying in the way that people who post pictures of every single cup of Starbucks coffee are annoying.

I also hate how our society has gotten to a point where we must display everything online. As if we are afraid that people won't think we are good spouses, parents, or pet-owners if we don't prove it with pictures.

(Some people don't post tons of pictures because they are busy actually living life!)

The Links said...

Have you really seen alot of breastfeeding pictures. I have LOTS of mommy friends on facebook and I've never seen one. That's just crazy. I don't think you will regret this post someday but you will look back at it and laugh. It's funny how a little person consumes your life. I honestly forget what I even posted about or blogged about before Pearson. I guarantee, I'll be the annoying person that announces that Pearson is potty trained! Ha!! No pictures of poop though. I promise. That's gross!!

Emily said...

This post was cracking me up girlie! I am glad that I haven't done any of these things with Lilly and I don't plan on it either. Speaking of BFing, it didn't go well and she has been on soy formula. I hated the way some of the nurses made me feel at the hospital-like I was a horrible Mom and didn't try hard enough. Ugh! At least we tried!

Allison said...

I'm infertile and will never have a child of my own; however, I LOVE THIS POST AND AGREE WITH IT 100%!!!!!!!

I will also add: I don't want to see pictures of a baby's naked butt, in the bathtub, or fighting diaper change because I feel like Chris Hansen is going to pop out of my kitchen and ask me to have a seat and offer me a cookie while he recounts my dirty FB/blog reading!!

Also, I don't like when parents hold their children down, pry open their mouths to show the molars they were up all night cutting. Leave the baby alone!! :)

Someone has actually posted a picture of a "full" diaper before?? Like seriously? This happened??

I loved this post!!! And I have you officially in my prayers as you get ready to bring Grace into the world.

Sarah said...

Poop talk is too much. Let's just leave it at the children's angelic faces.

I thought about writing a post about what I won't/my children will do so we can all go back and reread it JUST FOR LAUGHS after I do every single thing on the list. For example, my children will be reading and writing at a third grade level by the time they're three. I really don't think that's too much to ask for. ;)

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