Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I'm Loving...

Although the fact that my pregnancy countdown currently reads "22 days" is mostly all that occupies my thoughts and time lately, I did want to share a few things I've been digging recently.  Because, let's be honest... if I don't do it now, I probably never will. :)

Skin Stuff...

I've gotten several, "wow, your skin is looking great these days!" kind of comments lately.  And while I'm sure it's mostly just that the pregnancy hormones have finally calmed down enough such that my face isn't completely covered in blemishes anymore, I've also been doing several things that I think are helping even out my skin tone and keep me acne free.

 photo 20130327Proactiv.jpg
Above all, I think the fact that I started using Proactiv has helped me keep the acne to a minimum.  I worried about whether it was safe to use during pregnancy, but everything I could find indicates that it's completely fine for the baby, and my doctor didn't see any problem with it, so I went for it.  My poor skin really couldn't have been any worse. 

Since I've started using it again (I used it for awhile in college), I've gone from having a face full of very visible acne to only a few, small trouble spots.  Hallelujah, y'all. 

 photo 20130327Clarisonicmia.png

I've also been using the Clarisonic Mia.  What I usually do is use a Neutrogena liquid cleanser to get most of the makeup off.  Then, I use the Clarisonic to cleanse with the Proactiv cleanser.  When I finish, my skin feels really clean and exfoliated.  Again, I'm not sure how much the Clarisonic is adding on top of the Proactiv, itself, but since I can't narrow down the improvement to one specific thing, I'm sticking with what I'm doing so as not to break the spell. :)

 photo 20130327SkinceuticalsAGEInterrupter.jpg

It's kind of unfair for me to even share this because this product is ridiculously expensive, and I don't pay for mine (thank goodness that my stepmom has the hookup!).  But in the interest of full disclosure, I need to tell you how amazing this stuff is.  It's technically for "mature," aging skin, but I don't care, y'all.  I've never put anything on my face that made it feel so soft, smooth, and generally fabulous.  I am convinced this is what's evening out my skin tone and keeping it ridiculously hydrated (I use it as my moisturizer).  So if you ever get a wild hair and want to spend $152 on a jar of miracle cream, this is what I'd recommend.

 photo 20130327HoneyMustardWheatThins-2.jpg

These are crazy yummy.  That is all.

Sharpie Pens...

 photo 20130327sharpiepen.jpg

With all of the thank-you notes I've been writing lately, good pens are essential.  I really love these because they write smoothly and don't seem to smear like other pens. 

Address Stamp...

 photo 20130327CustomMonogramReturnAddressStamp.jpg

Speaking of thank-you notes, I ordered this return address stamp on Etsy, and I'm in love.  It makes addressing envelopes a breezy breeze, and, in general, I've been pleased with how well it goes on (though the ink does seem to adhere better to some kinds of paper than others). 

And that, ladies, is what's floating my boat this week.  What are you loving?  Link up with Jamie and tell us!


Joy said...

I'm with you on the pen! I wrote all our thank you notes with those, and I use them when I address an envelope. LOVE them! And, I've got to try the honey mustard wheat thins! Since I LOVE wheat thins!! And the stamp... we got one right before Christmas and it makes me so happy when I stamp it!! I love seeing our name and address look so professional even if it is on bills! HA!

Anonymous said...

I use those same Sharpie pens a lot. They're not as runny as some others.

Kim Saveley said...

I will have to try the Sharpie pens!! I love Wheat Thins - I bet those are great!! I love the sun dried tomato!!!

Have a great week!!!

Annabelle said...

I love Proactive. I didn't use it until after my pregnancy. Not for any certain reason other than my pregnancy acne would NOT go away! This stuff cleared it right up! Those Sharpie pens, I've gotta invest in some!

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