Monday, April 1, 2013

{No} April Fool's...

I thought about titling this post "Baby's here!" and playing a fun April Fool's Day joke on you guys, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  It's so not in my nature to play pranks - I just end up feeling too bad about it. :)

So instead, you'll just get a little bit of an update.  The end of last week was sort of crazy.  We have a trial going on at work (not one I'm involved in, but my friends are and I'm pulling for them), and my whole floor is moving down to another floor, so I've been in moving mode (which definitely isn't fun when you're nine months pregnant).  My office currently looks like this, and I'm ready to get everything put away and settled.

 photo 20130401newoffice.jpg

(What you can't see are the five large bins stacked to the side containing all the notebooks and books that need to be put up on shelves...)

But look at what we did get all put in its place this past week?

 photo 20130401carseatinstalled.jpg

Whoop whoop! 

With the carseat installed and the hospital bags (mostly) packed, I think Grace is welcome to make her arrival any day.  I'm getting more uncomfortable by the minute and sleeping very little, so at this point I'll be more than happy for her to come whenever she's ready.  I'm just trying to ignore the part where I actually have to push her out... :)

This weekend, we (almost) finished getting all of her stuff put together and put away.  We pondered the practical./functional difference between the swing and bouncer (you veteran moms are going to have to educate me - is one better suited for certain situations than others, or are they both just alternatives for somewhere to put the baby when your arms need a rest? :)).  We sanitized bottles.  We washed a few blankets and some PJs.  We bought groceries and stocked up on the essentials.

And then when we finally slowed down long enough to sit down and reflect on the fact that we were about to be parents, we freaked out a little. Ha.  I've got both sentimental and silly pregnancy posts swirling around in my head, but for now I'll just say that this whole thing has been a trip.  An amazing, beautiful, exhausting trip.
Yesterday we celebrated our last baby-free Easter. 

 photo 20130401readytopop.jpg

When I walked into my family's celebration after having eaten some (delicious) food with Micah's family, the general consensus was (1) that I look like I'm ready to pop and (2) my swollen feet/ankles are out of control.  I tend to agree (and will spare you guys any pictures of the aforementioned swelling.  That kind of thing surely falls into one of these categories, and we all now know how I feel about that). 

When we got home, we watched last week's and this week's The Bible episodes.  Did you guys watch them?  Micah and I have both been believers for a long time, so we knew all the stories, but there is still something about watching them come to life on the screen.  If you missed them, I feel sure The History Channel will be replaying it and/or selling the dvds.  Go check it out!

Alrighty, friends.  I'm going to try and focus long enough to get some work done.  I've got my 37-week appointment this afternoon, and I'll give you an update afterward on how things are progressing!  So exciting! :)


Established: 2008 said...

I hope you get good news at your appointment! Can't wait to see pics of Grace!

Anonymous said...

I bet you're impatient! I don't have kids but I was quite anxious when we had to wait for our new puppy to be old enough to leave his mother. Maybe the two feelings are similar.

Laura said...

Try to enjoy those last few weeks of alone time, although I know it feels like forever!! The swing is an awesome place for naps (and sometimes nighttime sleeping!) whereas the bouncer is more of a place to set them for a bit, at least IMO. The bouncer is nice to take with you to the bathroom while you shower and things like that because its more portable, but the swing is the bees knees at least as far as my babies were concerned!

Jessica K said...

Wohoo! All important things are done! Sit back, try to relax, and enjoy!

Susannah said...

I wish you would have done the April Fools day trick! Last year I put on Facebook that I was pregnant - even making my profile picture an ultrasound - and we were still having people asking about the pregnancy over the summer. Needless to say, I didn't do that again this year. :-)

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