Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 12, 2013...

To my really, really, ridiculously good looking hunk of a husband,

Can we just talk, for a minute, about how much I love you?  

I mean, first, there are the obvious things.  Like the fact that you're easy on the eyes and that I like to surreptitiously peek at you from across the room.  You are kind and considerate, and you often make me crazy with your insistence upon going out of your way (and sometimes mine) to do the right thing.  You're brilliant and funny and surprisingly quirky.  You ground me when I start to spin out of orbit.  You laugh at me when I forget how to laugh at myself.  You have the best "that's what she said" jokes.  You grill a mean steak.  You're basically the husband every girl dreams about as she dresses up in her mother's wedding dress and attaches a pillow case to her head for a veil.

But, if it's possible, you're an even better dad.

From the moment Gracie arrived, you've been more... just more than I could have ever imagined.  

You make bottles.  You wash bottles.  You clean spit up.  (Lots of spit up.)  You change diapers... even the really un-fun diapers.  You dispense medicine.  You carry the diaper bag.  You sing songs.  You give baths.  You read stories.  You give eskimo kisses.  You quiet the crying.  You brush hair.  You tickle toes.  You wash clothes.  You fold clothes.  You rock.  You snuggle.  

You love.

You do so much more than your fair share, and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to tell you how much it means to me that you so willingly do so much.  

But what I hope you do know is how much it means to her.

 photo 20130910LATERcopy.jpg

Grace is already becoming such a little daddy's girl, and it's so obvious to me that she's totally and completely smitten with you.  

Just like her momma. 

Part of it is just the fact that you're there and that you spend so much time with her.  But I think it's more than that.  You've just got a way with her.  You are such a natural nurturer, and you put her at ease like it's what you were born to do.  She smiles at you nearly every time you look at her.  She looks for you across the room.  She laughs at your laugh.  She really does adore you.

So although I know I haven't told you nearly often enough how thankful I am for you, I think I speak for both Gracie and I when I say... thank you.

You're the very bestest.


Lauren said...

So sweet Ryan! Micah, just to toot your horn a little more, Eric thinks you are a pretty sexy dude too!!

Kate said...

This post is just the sweetest! It made me tear up reading it. One, because you wrote such a lovely letter to your husband, and two, it got me thinking about how my husband will be a great dad one day. I've been feeling gloomy lately, so thank you for making me remember how lucky and blessed I really am.

Faith said...

So precious!! Micah is such an amazing guy...and his lil niece is quite smitten with him, too! :)

Laura said...

This is so sweet! You and Grace are lucky girls!!

Jaimie Ramsey said...

This about made me cry! I'm so excited for when we have kids in the future. I know my hubby is going to be an AMAZING dad... and he's an incredible husband to begin with! :)

Merry Morris said...

You are so sweet Ryan! Micah is a precious young man--but, you are one precious young lady!! I still can't believe that you and Faith are sisters--and that makes me very happy!!! Love you girl!!

nicole said...

So sweet!!

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