Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Grace: eight months

My darling Grace,

We were so busy playing last month that I forgot to get your seven month post up!  And goodness gracious girl, you've grown so much since then!

 photo IMG_8487.jpg

 photo IMG_8467.jpg

Things are so fun with you right now.  You started crawling and pulling up to stand on everything in sight.  You officially finished with the DOC Band.  Mamaw taught you how to blow raspberries, which is so funny.  You got two teeth!  You are making more sounds, and you seem to really be trying to understand what we're saying to you.  You're seriously just such a joy.  I can't get enough of you.

But since you're so busy, this month's pictures were very challenging. Ha!

 photo IMG_8501.jpg

 photo IMG_8502.jpg

 photo IMG_8496.jpg
(Daddy had to stay close to keep you from jumping off the chair... :))

Here are your eight-month stats:

Eight Months at a Glance

Weight:  ? 
Length:  ?
Eating:  6-8 ounces four times a day
Sleeping:  11 hours at night, 3 naps (anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours each time)
Bedtime:  7:00-7:30
Awake: 6:00-6:15 (although you slept nearly until 8:00 one day!  I almost died of happiness!)
Diapers:  size 3
Clothes: 6-9 months, 6-12 months, 9 months
Things You Love:  talking to yourself and everyone else (loudly!), crawling wherever your heart desires, pulling up on everything, FOOD!, blowing raspberries, smiling, Daddy, iPhones, mirrors, Lilly, other babies, TV remotes, your piano, ABC caterpillar, giving kisses
What You Can Do This Month: crawl, pull up to stand, blow raspberries, give (wet!) kisses, wave your arms when excited, push things away when you're done with them

 photo IMG_8505.jpg

Eating:  You're eating 6-8 ounces at a time 4 times a day.  Usually around 6 when you wake up, then 10-ish, 2-ish, and 6-ish.  If you don't eat all of your 6:00 bottle, you finish it just before you go to bed.

You've tried lots and lots of Level 2s, but you projectile vomit any time we try and give you real mashed food.  Avocados, mashed potatoes, and apple were all no-gos.  We're going to move up to Level 3s this month and see if that will help the transition to table food.  We're also going to try some puffs and see how they go.  You also seem to be pretty sensitive to strawberries, so we're steering clear of those.  

 photo IMG_8498.jpg

Sleeping:  You still won't usually stay up much past 7:00.  The last few night, you've woken up crying a few times, so I'm wondering if another tooth or two might be trying to break through.  You've also woken up early a few times lately.  But for the most part, you go down around 7:00 or 7:30 and sleep until 6:00.  We've been putting several pacifiers in the crib with you so you can find one if you knock one out.

Naps are getting better and better.  You're sometimes taking a catnap on the way to school.  Then you'll take one or two naps while you're there (anywhere from an hour to two at a time).  And then you sometimes nap on the way home, too.  But you still sleep best at home (either in your crib or in Mommy and Daddy's bed on weekend mornings).

 photo IMG_8482.jpg

Other Stuff:  Your DOC Band adventure is officially over.  You made great progress, and we were happy to see that thing GO!  Your skin seems super sensitive - I think we may have an eczema problem, so we'll see what your doctor says next month at your checkup.  And you got another ear infection this month.  Yuck!

But goodness, sweet baby.  There's nothing we love more than to spend time with you, watching you grow and learn.  We'll do anything for a laugh, and our hearts stop when you cry.

 photo IMG_8517.jpg
(Although you may or may not be mastering your drama queen face... :))

You complete our little family in a way we never expected, and we are so looking forward to seeing you become the little girl God intends you to be!



Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

Good idea to put more then one paci in the crib so she can attempt to find another! Savanna still gets up every morning at 5:30. Don't know how to kick that habit!

8 months already?! HOLY WOW. Yay for no more band and I'm so excited/nervous for when Miss Savanna starts to crawl!

The Tale of Three P's said...

I agree. This is such a fun age! Gracie is precious as always.

Brooke said...

So precious!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness, so much cute! How is it possible that she is 8 months old already!? Time needs to slow down!!!!

Leslie said...

Clearly she has more important things than pictures on her mind! MOVE MOVE MOVE. :-)

Colleen said...

oh my goodness, she is so darn cute! love her little smile and those rolls on her legs! I die!!

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