Thursday, January 16, 2014

Book recommendations...

I read three books this weekend.  I haven't devoured books like that since I first read The Hunger Games, probably.  But I seriously couldn't stop reading these.

 photo The_Maze_Runner_cover.png

They're sort of Hunger Games-esque, and you seriously won't be able to put them down.  Love.

I've actually read several great books that I've forgotten to share with you guys.  So if you're in desperate need of something to read, here are my suggestions.

1.  The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth.  (Also Hunger Games-esque.  Dystopian society, heroic teenage girl, mysterious boy.  Great, great read.  And the first movie is coming out soon, too!)

2.  The Diviners by Libba Bray.  (Dark magic, set in the 1920s in Manhattan.  A little creepy and murder-y, but very good.  It's a series, and only the first book is available, so be prepared to wait for the next one!)

3.  The Giver by Lois Lowry.  (This is an older book.  It's short and sweet, but I could NOT put it down.)

4.  The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray.  (Dark-ish magic, set in the late 1800s in London at an all-girls boarding school.  Love.)

5.  The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. (More magic.  Two teenage magicians.  Love story.  Fabulously engaging.)

6.  The Oracle Glass by Judith Merkle Riley.  (Historical novel set in 17th century France.  Also magic-y.  It's about a young girl who discovers that she can see the future.  I read it on the plane to Paris, and I couldn't put it down.)

7.  The Eragon Series (The Inheritance Cycle) by Christopher Paolini.  (Of all the books on this list, these are by far my favorites.  I only put them last on the list because I've recommended them several times before.  They're just so incredibly well-written.  I think of them as being sort of a cross between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.  They're about a teenage boy who finds a dragon egg and discovers that he's capable of doing magic alongside his dragon.  They follow his story through many battles and tribulations.  They're seriously epic - go buy them now!)

All of these books are quality reads and very well-written.  I'm super picky about what I will spend my time on, so rest assured I won't lead you astray. :)


The Tale of Three P's said...

LOVED the Night Circus! And I downloaded The Diviners. I just need a minute to read.

Amber in South Carolina said...

Ooh I've read some of these but I'm going to add the rest to my list. I secretly love any book about magic (or anything related), bonus points if it's young adult, haha.

Elizabeth said...

Great thanks for adding to my already long list of books read =).

I read the Divergent series but I was SUPER unhappy with the ending.

Have you ever read the Mark of the Lion series or Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers? They are really good. I'm reading The Book Thief right now and so far I really like it.

Kate said...

These all sound amazing!! Thank you SO MUCH for letting me know there is a new trilogy out by Libba Bray. I was literally thinking yesterday how not enough people know about the Gemma Doyle trilogy--it's one of my favorites!

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