Thursday, March 20, 2014

Getting it together...

I'm on a mission, you guys.

I am on a MISSION to get my ishhh together.  

Because I'm coming to realize that the first six months at work after coming back from maternity leave were probably not representative of what life's going to be like as a working mom.  Maybe people were giving me a free pass and taking it easy because of the no-sleep thing?  Maybe things were just slower for a bit?  Either way, it's game on now.  

And I am totally losing.

I do actually feel like I'm keeping things afloat at work, at least to a decent degree.  It's in the everyday life stuff that I am sucking.  Laundry, organization, commitments... PLANNING MY ONLY CHILD'S FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY (that's in less than a month)!  Heck, I still have tissue paper poms hanging from my curtain rods in my dining room from my sister-in-law's baby shower nearly three weeks ago.  I'm a hot mess, y'all.

So I'm working hard to organize my life.  I'm using the Wunderlist app, which is magical. It allows you to keep multiple lists going, share your lists with others (Micah and I share a grocery list), and set reminders. And I'm going back to my trusty white board at work.

I'm actually going to bore you today with my random to-do list.  Because (1) I love lists (clearly) and (2) I need some accountability.  These things WILL get done by the end of the weekend.  I declare it to be so.

  • Order battery for my car key. (I'm currently having to manually unlock my doors.  How 1990 am I?)
  • Mail Gracie's birthday party invitations.
  • Make eye doctor appointment.
  • Make dentist appointment.
  • Order cakes for Grace's party.
  • Order Grace's birthday present. 
  • Print pictures. (All of the pictures in my office are from months ago...)
  • Schedule one-year session with Lauren and order outfits.
  • Order decorations/favors for Grace's party.
  • Organize Grace's closet.
  • Find a blog consultant. (I'm having SEO issues.  Apparently my blog's not showing up in internet searches for some strange reason?)
  • Take a nap.

Who'll put $20 on me not even getting through half this list? ;)


Joey said...

As much as I'd like to take your money--I honestly think you can pull this off. Use the timer method. I'll look and see exactly how much free time I have (10 minutes? 15?) and I set a couple goals, and work against the clock to get them done before the buzzer goes! Makes things go quickly and keeps you on track (you're less likely to take unnecessary breaks)!

Anonymous said...

Neely from offers great blog service! :)

Amber in South Carolina said...

Oooh ordering a key for your car key! I need to do that, haha. It's been on my list for like 6 months. So you're not alone ;)

The Tale of Three P's said...

Lists are the best. Nothing better than checkin stuff off!

Annabelle said...

Girl! I am the same way! Since I've started being lazy for the past 4 weeks, my house is unruly! So is my laundry! It really has gotten out of control! Let's hire maids! :) Keep your chin up boo!

Laura said...

You can do it! But seriously? I think you'd also be totally within your rights to outsource a bit. Find people on etsy or wherever to make everything for you!!

Kristin said...

I think the timer method works well…set it on your phone and run from room to room and accomplishing as much as possible (like taking down decorations :)

Laundry gets the best of us all.

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