Thursday, May 8, 2014

Big girl...

I'm basically a zombie today.  First, because it's raining. Second, because I'm wearing my glasses (and my eyes never seem to wake up on days where I don't wear my contacts).  Third, because I was up laaaate working to meet a Friday deadline.  This project has had me working my tail off for the last few weeks, and I am so ridiculously ready to be done with it.

But life, of course, continues on even when work is insane.  We took family pictures last weekend with Lauren, and she did an incredible job (as usual).  I can't wait to show you guys what we ended up with.  And let me just tell you... Lauren was a miracle worker. Gracie was ridiculously uncooperative.  She only wanted momma, and she wasn't in a very pose-y mood.  I'm so thankful we still ended up some beautiful images that I am so excited to print and frame!

We also bought Gracie's big girl car seat!  After polling my mommy friends on Facebook, we went with the Britax Marathon G4.

 photo pTRU1-17459051dt.jpg

They just came in yesterday, so we haven't installed them yet (we needed one for each of our cars), but I hope she loves sitting up like a big girl (still rear-facing, of course - we'll keep her backwards as long as we possibly can!).  I'm still in shock that we're already moving her out of the carrier, though.  I mean, wasn't this just yesterday?

 photo DSC_1448.jpg

Oh, good gosh.  I can't even handle this picture today.

I'm also in the middle of planning for New York.  I've got our list of must-see places, and I'm creating a custom Google map of all of the recommended restaurants so that we'll have plenty of options wherever we go.  But beyond that, we're not going to have any itinerary.  Or at least, that's what I'm telling myself.  I want it to be a fun, spontaneous trip that allows us to explore the magic of the city and stumble on its hidden treasures without pressure to see it all.

Also, Gracie has been eating dirt at her leisure.

 photo 73AF563C-2248-47C3-85EB-422D7F0D5524.jpg

So that's been fun. Ha. And she's walking EVERYWHERE.  She doesn't really crawl anymore.  Which is nearly as tear-inducing as that teddy bear picture.  Such a big, big girl.

So that's us lately.  What have you guys been up to?


Joey said...

How is she POSSIBLY so grown up already!?!?!

Kelly said...

Where is your patio furniture from?

Ryan said...

Kelly, it's from Target a couple of years ago! I think it's this one, but we only paid about $600 for ours.

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