Friday, August 1, 2014

Confessional Friday...

One.  I confess that the flight I thought I booked for Monday to Rochester, New York was in fact headed to Rochester, Minnesota.

. . . 

I don't even know, y'all.

I didn't discover my idiocy until we were halfway there on a layover in Chicago, so I spent the better part of an hour on the phone with American Airlines' customer service (even though I was in the airport... so bizarre) trying to get the reservation adjusted.  The worst part about it was that a co-worker was with me, and she had just booked her flights to match mine, so I screwed her up, too.  (And the bag she checked that went to Minnesota and then New York and finally back home to Dallas.  Yeesh.)

Needless to say, we carved out some time during our four-hour layover in Chicago to get chair massages.

 photo A65820B5-77BC-41C0-8716-FB8A743834C0.jpg

Two.  I confess that my breakfast this morning consisted of two bowls of Special K, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, 5 peanut butter M&M's and, like, 3 pieces of licorice.

Ha.  Just kidding.  (Please tell me I'm not the only person who can still recite nearly every line of Clueless.)

I really had two hard-boiled eggs with Louisiana Hot Sauce on top, a handful of cherry tomatoes, a bowl full of kale with olive oil and lemon dressing, and a handful of cherries.  And I liked it.  I don't even know who I am anymore.

Three.  Speaking of who I am anymore, I took a bathroom selfie at work today.

 photo 2CA91E00-5DFA-4A4D-9F3C-A65A99D77DD5.jpg

Awkward as always.  But as I was going back to try and find "before" pictures for this post and having the hardest time doing so, it struck me that I need to be better about capturing myself as I am.  Because although I still feel so far from where I'd like to be, this process isn't just about the destination or the end result -- it's about the journey.

And I love myself for who I am today, not for who I hope to become in the future.

The girl I am today still has flabby arms, thick legs, a post-c-section tummy that will never ever look good in a bikini, and more junk in the trunk than I know what to do with.  But I love her just as I loved the girl who could barely button a pair of size 22 jeans, and just as I will love the girl who (hopefully!) slips into her old wedding dress with ease come next August.

Plus, I am incontrovertibly beautiful in His eyes no matter what size I am.

Four.  You know who else is beautiful?

 photo 9B778CFC-1D8C-44BB-8E61-7809D7A5F191.jpg
// onesie // bows //

This kid.  She brightens my world in the most spectacular way.

Five.  I confess that I finished my friend Joey's book, Yeah Maybe in one night because I just couldn't put it down.  It was a very fun read, and I'm more proud than I can say of Joey, as I know how hard she's worked and how much of herself she poured into this labor of love.  You did great, friend.  So very, very great.

Got a burning secret to confess?  Come link up with A Blonde Ambition and spill!


Joey said...

I DIED at your clueless reference!! You are doing such a great job on this journey, friend. I'm so proud of you (and totally jealous of the fanciness of your work bathroom)! Also? You look so fabulous!

YOU are the SWEETEST! Thank you so very much, sweet friend! I can't find the right words, but your support has meant so much! <3 <3

Terri Lynn Grothe said...

Your little lady is beautiful.
I came over to say hi From a Blonde Ambition :)
I am your newest follower :)

Carroll said...

Oh my goodness, that flight situation sounds exactly like something I would do! So glad you were able fit in a chair massage. :) Just found your blog through Leslie's! So glad I did. Happy Weekend. :)

Hannah said...

You are so lovely! Self acceptance is hard at any size, and your thoughts are excellent.

Have an awesome weekend!

Kristin said...

(I didn't even get your Clueless reference. I honestly can't say I even remember watching that movie.)

YOU LOOK FANTASTIC. I mean it. And you can come be my personal shopper and hair stylist too. Because some people just have a gift of looking put together and you've got that gift!

I was up at midnight last week finishing "Yeah Maybe" and Scott was all, "What are you DOING?" ha ha. Great bloggers think alike.

The Tale of Three P's said...

So impressed and loved the recount of your breakfast. Go girl!

Emily said...

You look great! Such an inspiration to me.

Nichole @ said...

Looking awesome!! And I would have had a mental breakdown I am sure if I had booked the wrong city...but I mean who has heard of Rochester, MINNESOTA?!

Chastity Beene said...

Um I was just thinking that was exactly what Cher had...then saw the next line. Ha, love that movie!

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