Friday, October 17, 2014


It's Friday, and I'm in a confessing sort of mood.

One. I confess that we survived Micah's ten-year high school reunion on Saturday.
And in a way, it was kind of like my high school reunion because we didn't make it to mine last year. Since we went to school together, there were so many people I loved seeing. I made Micah do a pre-reunion photo shoot of my outfit which turned SUPER awkward when our neighbors were taking a stroll down the alley with their kids just as I was posing in front of my garage door. This is why I'll never be a fashion blogger. (Or maybe it's because I'm not that fashionable.) I'll post those pictures next week, and you can picture my mortification as you look at them.

Two. I confess that I've eaten like crap the last few days.
Well, not total crap. Breakfasts have been on point, per the usual, but I had pad thai for lunch on Monday, chips and queso at lunch yesterday, and a chicken wrap and a salted caramel dessert shot at a plated luncheon event today (not totally my fault, but I didn't have to inhale the pudding like it was the last thing I'd ever eat). Dinners have also been pretty solid, so I suppose it could have been worse. It's hard finding a balance between giving myself some grace and allowing myself to slide down the slippery slope of justifying my bad choices by reasoning that I "deserve" whatever delicious thing I want to eat.

Three. I confess that I've gotten Grace's Halloween costume all picked out.
But I'm keeping my lips zipped on what she's going as because it's just going to be too darned darling, and I don't want to spoil it for you guys.

Four. I confess that I'm addicted to ThredUp.*
I am IN LOVE WITH THIS FREAKING WEBSITE. It's essentially an online consignment store, so you're getting pre-owned stuff that's all in excellent shape for ridiculous prices. I love that you can sort by size, brand, style, and they even have a whole separate tab for designer pieces. They've got every brand you can think of, from Old Navy to Prada. I got this $130 Michael Kors dress for the reunion (I ended up wearing something else because it was slightly too dressy) for less than $30.

 photo original.jpg

It arrived just as pictured in perfect condition.

And I just ordered this $300 DKNY trench for $35. It should be arriving in the mail any day now, and I'm ridiculously excited.

 photo original-1.jpg

If you love a good deal but hate sifting through consignment stores like I do, check it out.

That's about it for today, gals. What do you have to confess today? Link up with Leslie and tell us!

 photo Screen2BShot2B2014-09-102Bat2B933072BPM.png

* As usual, ThredUp has no idea who I am and has not compensated me or given me free stuff for promoting their site. I just love it. But this is an affiliate link, so I'll get credit if you make purchases through it. But, dude, just go through the regular website and take a look around if the referral link freaks you out. You'll love it.


The Tale of Three P's said...

I have never heard of that website but what a fantastic idea! Thanks for the recommendation.

Joey said...

I suck SO MUCH at shopping so that site sounds like just what I need!!! I can't wait to try it out!

Tricia Nae said...

chips and queso....sigh. Ha. Have you had Chuy's queso? I imagine there will be pools of it in heaven. Ha.

Can't wait to see lil miss and her costume!

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