Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stuff and things...

It's Thursday, so I'm linking up with Stuff and Things again. I love this linkup. It gives a sense of legitimacy to my very random and scattered posts. Thanks again for hosting, Kristin and Joey!

Can we talk first about how obsessed I am with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush? I bought the Luminous Flush shade, and it's so gorgeous. I even took a car selfie for you guys so you can see what it looks like on real people (albeit very pale) skin.

 photo 4B59E8C9-AEF2-4931-ACC9-1C4D35F6F726.jpg

Hourglass calls it a champagne rose color, and I'd agree. It's pricey, but it's a pretty big compact and will last me approximately one zillion years. Give or take.

And while I'm shamelessly sharing selfies, let's go ahead and get these out of the way, too.

 photo AB567DE0-0BC0-461A-A414-1388B590C8A5.jpg photo 85969C36-C697-4F4E-B413-9951DD1D4019.jpg

After my workout the other night, I took a flex break and saw just the teensiest, little bicep poking out. You probably can't even tell that it's there, but don't harsh my buzz by telling me otherwise.  I've been working out fairly consistently for about two months now, and I'm still doing a combination of HIIT cardio (usually sprints on the treadmill) and strength training with heavy weights (heavy for me, at least). My arms are one of my least favorite things, so it's nice to see progress, even if it's really really subtle.

I had to travel to Austin again yesterday (another day trip), and I'm leaving for Charleston on Sunday for work. It's only one night, but the traveling is hard on this mama. I hate missing moments with Grace and Micah, even if I do adore Charleston.

Lastly, I have to tell y'all what happened to me on Monday. I was cruising down the highway (jamming to the new Taylor Swift album, obviously), and this guy in a big SUV pulled up beside me and started gesticulating wildly at me. I had to get a new car battery on Sunday (the freaking thing died overnight at the hotel valet), and for some reason I can no longer roll down the passenger side window, so I couldn't hear what he was trying to say. He gave up, pulled in front of me, and another car took his place. This time, it was a female, and she was also trying to get me to roll down my window to no avail, but I read her lips and gathered that I must have a flat tire.

So I took the next exit, pulled into a parking lot, and called Micah, who was just about five minutes ahead of me with Grace. As I'm on the phone with him, someone knocks on my passenger side window, and it's the guy. I freaked for a second but opened the door anyway (I'm that idiot you scream at in the horror movie), and he was just making sure I knew that I had a flat tire. As I opened my door to look out at the tire on the driver's side, the lady pulled up to make sure I had understood her. They both offered their assistance and directed me to a tire shop that was just down the street. The guy was actually going to follow me there until I told him that my husband was on his way. I was seriously blown away at the kindness of these people who had no obligation to even tell me I needed to pull over, much less pull over themselves to make sure I'd be okay.

So there's a little reason to restore your faith in the goodness of the human race.

Happy Thursday!

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Brooke said...

Stinks about your battery and tire but so nice to see there are some good caring people!

Joey said...

I LOVE WHEN PEOPLE ARE NICE!!! Oh, my gosh that just made my whole day reading that story. I seriously love it when people don't hesitate to interrupt their lives to ensure the safety of a complete stranger! How wonderful! I'm sorry about your flat--but I bet with those people's kindness you hardly focused on that at all! Also? Stop being so gorgeous, woman. So proud of your progress at the gym! And totally impressed with your workouts! I just started the 30 day shred again, and I already want to murder Jillian. I'm the WEAKEST PERSON ALIVE!

Joy said...

WOW!! I would have probably hit the gas and got far away. So glad you were able to understand her and get your tire fixed!

Jessie said...

The world still is a good place! Glad you're safe and everything turned out well.

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