Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Swish and flick...

So Halloween came and went in a flash.

You probably already saw this on Instagram, but just in case...

 photo BAB5D3DF-6A6A-40C3-A043-2EA9D303703F.jpg

Isn't Grace the cutest little Hermione you ever saw?

 photo 1EA0511E-7446-4A3A-A2CC-CC6FE27301CC_1.jpg
 photo E2D169A6-6661-4FB2-B6E9-3C6040ED372D_1.jpg

I seriously cannot handle how big she's looking these days. Trick or treating with her was the most surreal thing. She didn't totally get what it was all about, but her cousin Stella definitely showed her the ropes, and Grace discovered the wonders of the Tootsie Roll Pop. She threw a legitimate fit when we finally had to take it from her. 

Stella and Grace were the cutest things bundled up in their little wagon.

 photo DE65DA55-F856-423A-AE05-CC8EC4F5ACF2.jpg

Tell me that Stella's "Elsa hair" isn't the most hilarious thing ever.

And because I'm in the mood to torture myself today, let's ponder last year's Halloween for a second.

 photo IMG_8061.jpg

I die. I think I'm going to go read her birth story again and just do myself in.


Nichole @ casadecrews.com said...

I cannot even handle this, Ryan! Grace is soooooo cute!

Tricia Nae said...

Ryan! How cute is she???!!!!

The Tale of Three P's said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Tale of Three P's said...

I sit and look at Annalise's baby pictures on Instagram sometimes. How did they get so big?!?!?!

Joey said...

That little girl of yours. I swear.

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