Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Real life...

I'm pretty sure I caught Gracie's virus Sunday night, and I still feel like death.

I haven't stepped foot in the gym in a week.

Breakfast this morning was approximately two cookies.

I last washed my hair three days ago (though I promise I have bathed since then).

My kid gave Grumpy Cat a run for his money yesterday morning, and I officially lost my patience around meltdown number 4. I feel guilty for being so thankful to be able to drop her off at school (where she apparently behaved like an angel).

 photo 6A5816EF-0879-4050-9D93-F035F43F7E89.jpg photo F71CCEA2-438A-4EAD-9521-510D4A260AF0.jpg
(last week at the doctor's office)

My company's Christmas party is in three days, and I still need to buy jewelry, get a spray tan, get my hair colored, and get a pedicure. (Who wants to bet that most of these things won't happen?)

I am already craving another vacation.


Jessie said...

Sometimes I wish if could drop my "angels" off at school! She does it because you're her mom and she can. :) No worries. It's all a part of parenthood. Today is a new day. Hope you get feeling better soon.

Joey said...

I haven't gone for a run since the Wednesday before thanksgiving...ugh. Real life just gets in the way sometimes, huh? I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Emily said...

I'm so sorry you have the sickies at your house. I hope everyone is well again soon! I totally skipped my company Christmas party (it was last night)...being home with Lilly, Liam and Stephen was more important...and easier than finding a sitter on a weeknight!!!

MKLackey said...

Wear long sleeves and boots (no spray tan or pedicure); go jewelry-less (it'll make a statement); and pull your hair up (no color!).

Boom. Your week just got easier.

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