Thursday, January 1, 2015

Off to a good start...

Three posts in a row with no pictures?

And I call myself a blogger?

But, yes, I'm dropping in picture-less, in real time, because I feel like it. It's the first day of this new year, and it just felt right to come say hello. (And I've been working some tonight and need to unwind for a minute before I try and go to sleep.)

Just like last year, our New Year's Eve was ridiculously low-key, mostly because I felt awful. On Tuesday night, I came down with the most insane bout of vertigo. Everything around me was spinning, and the feeling lasted for hours. I woke up in the morning feeling slightly better, but not enough to talk myself out of heading into urgent care to see what was up. Fortunately, it was just an ear infection (what IS it with me and ear infections?!) causing the vertigo and not the super-serious neurological issue I had worked it up to be in my head. Ha.

So since I was still feeling icky and my niece had pink eye, our plans to ring the new year in with my brother and sister-in-law over a plate of prime rib were foiled. Instead, we ordered in pizza and ate this divine cheese dip and s'mores. We put Grace to bed, watched Pretty Woman, and were asleep by 10. 

So lame. And yet so very appropriate.

Today was similarly low-key, though we did head over to my dad's house for a little while. He made chili and cornbread and black-eyed peas, which Micah and Grace seemed to enjoy. 

I, on the other hand, obviously could not partake because I started my second Whole30 today! So I munched on carrots, grapes, and a cherry pie Larabar. One day down, 29 more to go.

I can't even tell you how insanely good it feels to know that I'm putting ONLY good stuff in my body again. It's going to be a challenge to resist my favorite things for 30 days (including my beloved Paleo mug cookies and Paleo ice cream!), but I NEED it. The last few weeks of eating anything I wanted were fun and not fun at all. I've felt like crap, I've gained a couple of pounds back, and I just have felt out of control. But the donuts were delicious... 

To the extent that you weren't quite ready to jump into the Whole30 today but think you might still want to give it a try, there are several people in the Loved and Lovely Whole30 Facebook Group who aren't starting for several days. So you'll be in good company if you are wanting to wait a few days to start.

I hope 2015 has already been spoiling you guys rotten. Here's to an incredible year!


Kristin said...

Man, I love cherry pie Larabars. I'm so glad you're off to a great start! Hope those antibiotics do the trick.

We haven't gone out on NYE since 2010. We just have other things to do. I've never been a NYE person so we kind of treat it like any other day.

Joey said...

Glad everything is off to a good start, and I really hope you start to feeling better REALLY soon! I tried to run yesterday having only fueled my body with bojangles, candy and very little water. Let's just say it was a very brutal run. I think it's probably time I reintroduce the veggies and kick the "must have several cookies after every meal" thing.

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