Sunday, January 4, 2015

Whole30 Meal Plan: Week Two

Hi friends!

Day 4 of this Whole30 is nearly in the books. I've had a pretty legitimate headache the past couple of days (so, so normal), but I'm feeling pretty strong mentally. I was surrounded by cookies and cake and queso (my true love!) today at my in-laws' and never even contemplated taking a bite. Mostly because my in-laws were sweet enough to make some delicious fajitas (with  meat prepared specifically without packaged fajita seasoning because they knew I couldn't have it), roasted onions, and guacamole for lunch. So I loaded my plate up with the good stuff. I just love them.

But I know it's going to get significantly harder, and that's okay. No pain, no gain, right?

Here is this week's menu plan. I've got a couple of day-trips this week, so I'll have the challenge of trying to find something compliant at the airport. (It's nearly impossible.) But other than that, I'm excited about what we'll be cooking up.

Dinner: Chicken Curry (recipe found in It Starts with Food, similar here)
Prep: Dice zucchini, onion, and carrots (for Wednesday's chili)

Dinner: Out of town
Prep: none

Dinner: Paleo Chili with steamed broccoli
Prep: Trim chicken, chop zucchini, peel and chop sweet potatoes

Dinner: Out of town
Prep: none

Dinner: Paleo Chicken Fingers, roasted zucchini, and roasted shoestring sweet potatoes
Prep: none

Dinner: Pizza Spaghetti Pie and spinach salad with Tessemae's Southwest Ranch dressing
Prep: none

Prep: boil eggs for the week

Now it's your turn! Link up your own Whole30 post below. If you don't have one, feel free to shout out meal ideas or Whole30 rants in the comments!


BMT Legal said...

I made the chipotle meatloaf this weekend! Delish!!

Kate @ Classy Living said...

I just pinned all of those recipes - they look amazing! We made the paleo chicken tenders last night, which were delish. I can't wait to eat them for lunch today :) We also made our own paleo ketchup, too. I found the recipe on instagram. It calls for:

6 oz tomato paste
3 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 tsp onion powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp salt
7 tbsp water

Whisk together and you'll have a pretty good batch of Whole30 approved ketchup :)

Joey said...

How lovely that your inlaws had food prepped that you could actually eat! I love when people are so considerate! Good luck this week lovely!

Kristin said...

I like how you're showing that meal-planning (and whole30) is intentional and it doesn't just happen. I made a pot of minestrone yesterday, froze half, and Scott can eat it all week. That definitely didn't happen by accident lol.
Good luck this week!

Nichole @ said...

Awesome job! I don't think I'll re-start W30 (but I love being a part of the FB group!) because really I feel I should mostly try and eat this way anyways and not just to rest - I have a whole post coming at some point on it...I just had to get through the holidays and my bday before I was ready to re-commit, you know?

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