Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stuff and things...

Now that I've finally crawled out of the dark hole that was my life for the last couple of weeks, I thought I'd stop in and say hello.

I'm mostly being dramatic, but work really has been a nightmare lately. Thankfully, it has leveled off some, and I can resume doing everyday life things. You know, like sleep. Ha.

Thankfully, since I've mostly been working, you guys haven't really missed much, although Grace has been extra cute and funny lately. We bought her a little toy cradle for her baby dolls, and she can spend hours just putting her babies down for a "night night." She picks them up and says, "it's okay, baby" and rocks them, pats their back, and then lays them back down again. Over and over and over. It's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

 photo 1134E4EF-6CA5-4917-9C77-83861A3AC666.jpg

She's very into listening to "Jesus Bible" (also known as "Jesus Loves Me"), but she only likes the first verse and gets very frustrated when forced to endure the mediocrity of the second verse. She knows all her colors and can sometimes count to 10 (although she prefers the even numbers). She asks for donuts on the way to school a lot. I give in about once a week, and we have the best time eating breakfast together.

It hit me yesterday that she turns two in two months and I haven't given a single thought to her birthday party. This time last year, I had the whole thing planned and most of it gathered together already. Oh, how things change... :)

 photo D87D9838-C913-4F6B-9089-893EBEF62E85.jpg

(The sweater I'm wearing in the picture above is from StitchFix, and I'm obsessed. It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's cream and gray and oh-so cozy.)

And last, but definitely not least, I've got to explain why I am FREAKING out with happy. If you've been reading for very long, you know that I've been obsessed with Joey and her incredibly uplifting and genuine blog for a few years now. It turns out that I'm headed to her neck of the woods next week for a recruiting event for work, and I'm finally going to get to hug her neck in real life! Joey has been such an unwavering source of encouragement and friendship over the past couple of years, and I'm over the moon to finally get to meet her.

Also, (because she's amazing) she's a published author (of a book I read and adored) called Yeah, Maybe. This week it's on super duper sale on Amazon, and I can tell you that it's well worth the $1.99 price tag.

 photo 2015 02 19 Yeah Maybe Sale.jpg

So go buy it!

And then go link up with Joey and Kristin to share your stuff and/or things.


Esther Davison said...

I actually came to your blog because of Joey's blog! I know how work can get crazy and since your a lawyer I'm sure it gets super hectic. I'm a claims adjuster and it was icy on Monday morning. I got caught up on everything by staying late on Tuesday. Yuck! I definitely enjoyed this post! Thanks! If you'd like to say hi, please email me at My blogger account is "no-reply" :(. Esther Norine Designs

Amanda Bullard said...

How adorable is your little one and how fab is that sweater and how great is Joey. Ok you rock pretty lady! Have a great week and enjoy your trip to my NC...yeah I claim it sometimes.

Joey said...

I am so stinking flattered I can hardly stand it. Also? You're shrinking before my very eyes!!! I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEEEEEE YOUUUUUUU!!!!! Thanks for sharing the sale, lovely! I just wish so much you were bringing that adorable little family with you too!! I feel like I know them after all these years <3

The Tale of Three Ps said...

How fun to meet a blog friend?! You are rocking that dress! Love it!

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