Monday, March 2, 2015

Do you want to build a snowman?

... because I definitely don't.


The last week has solidified my conviction that I'm not cut out for life in the north, where snow comes more frequently than once a year.

On Monday and Tuesday, Dallas got some sleet, and temperatures dropped low enough that the roads were really icy, so most schools and businesses (including my firm) were closed. We took advantage and let Gracie experience her first real snow day.

 photo 7840468D-FEFF-4922-A5A0-EEFDE05BDD26_1.jpg

Can you even handle this kid? I cannot.

She had so much fun playing outside for a little while. We quickly realized she needed gloves, and we didn't have any, so we put some socks on her hands for makeshift mittens. #genius

 photo 785A3260-7F36-4DC5-A52C-1AB8D4EBD65B_1.jpg

And then we noticed that our driveway was at an incline and decided to try and give Gracie her first sledding experience

She loved it. Clearly. We did this approximately one million times before we forced her to go inside because her little face was frozen.

And then on Wednesday, I headed to North Carolina for a recruiting event for work. Unfortunately, Dallas was due to get snow all night on Tuesday and early on Wednesday, and I know driving to the airport at 4:30 a.m. for my 6:30 flight was going to be treacherous. So I stayed at the airport hotel to avoid the drive. They gave me this "queen conference suite," and I was not adequately prepared for the bizarre combination of hotel and conference rooms.

 photo 67BA7D88-61BD-4C3F-AAD2-F60084FC26BC.jpg

So strange, right?

I did eventually arrive in North Carolina, and I was SO pumped to be there because I was finally able to meet sweet Joey.

 photo 7001AA2B-2135-4B29-BBEE-EA5B25392F71.jpg

Have you ever met someone and you just knew you'd stay connected for a good, long while? That's exactly how I felt when I hugged Joey for the first time. We had the BEST lunch, complete with sushi and such great conversation. She was the exact same girl she is on her blog, and I just loved that. So glad you made time to come say hi while I was in town, Joey!

I went to the recruiting event that night, and everyone was buzzing about the weather. Apparently North Carolina was slated to get almost eight inches of snow. When I woke up in the morning, this is what I saw out my hotel room window.

 photo 78C179D1-36F8-4B8E-AFFB-11E6E1DEE87C.jpg

So gorgeous, right? But not very conducive for trying to travel back to Dallas. I had rented a car, and the thought of driving to the airport in this stuff was terrifying. So I pushed my direct flight out for a flight with a connection in New York to give the snow plows time to get the roads cleared and for the snow to melt a bit.

The drive to the airport was still a bit treacherous, and I nearly didn't make it out of the hotel parking lot, but I made it to the airport, and my flight took off on time. I got a teensy bit of time in New York, which was torturous. I hated being so close to the city I so adore and not having the time to explore.

 photo 30268F3A-4D30-4719-B8D9-9D3071E9E2F9.jpg

I did make time for pizza...

 photo 4859F241-70EE-4D9F-B653-AA8C5C63F207.jpg

... and a very touristy picture of this sign in the airport.

 photo 08ADF54F-5C93-4A4F-91C0-CA992664EB5F.jpg

Love this song. And Taylor.

I finally arrived back in Dallas around 11:00 p.m. on Thursday. Too late to see Micah or Grace, but at least I got to sleep in my own bed again.

And then on Friday, Dallas got another several inches of snow.

At this point, I'm convinced that I'm actually causing the snow. As a friend mentioned on Instagram, I'm basically Elsa. Don't tell Gracie, though. I'm not sure she could handle it.


Jenny Morgan said...

I'm definitely feeling a bit uncomfortable about the conference room suite---my first thought is, "ok gentlemen, please just put your briefcases by the bed and nevermind my bras hanging up in the shower". So very odd and in all my days of travel, I've NEVER seen that before :) And glad you enjoyed your NC trip--I live just right on the outskirts of Charlotte and we were quite amazed by the snow fall. Happy Monday!

Amber said...

Participating in a meeting would definitely be more comfortable from that bed :) But, extremely awkward, haha.

Nadine Lynn said...

Ahhh I love Gracie's little coat! So cute!!

I am totally jealous that you got to meet Joey in person! Love that girl!

Glad you made it back to Dallas, so much snow in all the places you don't normally see it! Winter is clearly drunk and lost!

Emily said...

Love that Gracie enjoyed her first snow day! We have mittens for Lilly, but socks always work so much better for us and they stay on!!! And wow, that hotel room is weird!

Joey said...

"Don't tell gracie." I die! I LOVED getting to hug your neck and have lunch together WAY TOO MUCH! So much so that on the car ride home I was near tears because I hate that you live so far and that we can't make that a weekly thing! I just love you and my heart felt so full after spending time with you! Also? that hotel/conference room? SO STRANGE! I'd feel totes awkward if I was actually attending a conference in that type situation! Like...someone slept mere feet from that table. AWKWARD! haha! Love you friend! No more snow, k?

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