Tuesday, March 24, 2015

StitchFix Review...

I missed a couple of months, I know. But I'm back—better late than never—with another StitchFix review for you guys.

This month contained a relatively fun haul. I probably would have kept more if I hadn't gone shopping at one of my favorite little, local shops the day before I received my fix.

Kensie Rebekah Contrast Detail Blazer ($88)

 photo F21AD600-AC54-4C3D-ABC4-4572F1EB181F.jpg photo 7FA07F59-BBC6-4390-A52D-069FD17F7DB7.jpg

So I've seen a look on Pinterest that I loved which featured a cream-colored blazer, skinnies, cute heels, and a fun ponytail. I wish I could pull it off, but when I put this blazer on, it just looked like I threw on a suit jacket with jeans. Not a good look for me. This is going back.

Pixley Ivy Petal Print Blouse ($58)

 photo 288BBA59-987D-41A8-B904-CF24DFC9C98C.jpg photo EB92CD4D-7936-4AB3-B75A-87BC02E82513.jpg

I seriously considered keeping this. It's polyester, as are a lot of StitchFix tops, and I feel like it would have been fun with some white jeans for spring. But it just wasn't a $60 shirt to me.

BRIXON IVY Sharron Pleated Maxi Skirt ($78)

 photo B0A7758A-017A-442D-AAA6-6FFF88FAC480.jpg

(This picture is crappy because I snapped it in my closet this morning when I remembered that I had forgotten to get a picture for this post. Because I'm totally keeping it, so it was hanging in my closet and not with the rest of the stuff I'm sending back.)

I'm obsessed with this skirt. Like this other maxi skirt I bought, this one is high-waisted and pleated. But it's teal! I wore it with a short-sleeved black t-shirt and a fun (StitchFix) statement necklace to a baby shower last weekend.

 photo 2B400231-6B63-42DC-9A8B-6E0A03CBBF14.jpg

Market and Spruce Memphis Overlay Knit Shirt ($58)

 photo E6EE7208-C7DE-4421-8056-D4EC3FEDE655.jpg photo 3565E7C2-4539-4473-B565-5983C587746C.jpg

Man, y'all, I wanted to keep this. Like bad. The lace detail is just gorgeous, and the color was perfect on my super pale skin. But, like I said, I had just gone shopping, and I already own a couple of lace overlay shirts that were significantly cheaper, so I couldn't justify the splurge. 

Laila Jayde Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top ($58)

 photo 5571A663-C593-46AA-9909-D418CDD616CE.jpg photo A400B635-98BD-4F75-BA50-405E407992F1.jpg

Honestly, this shirt was a complete miss for me. The shape of it was a little awkward, and it's something I feel like I'd find at Marshall's or Ross. Except that it was $60! The price point on this shirt is so completely off the mark that I got irrationally angry at StitchFix for sending it to me. Ha.

So there you have it. I was 1 for 5 this month, just like last month. Still super fun and completely worth doing, in my opinion. If you're curious, go check StitchFix out. They even offer maternity and petite sizes now! Still waiting on those plus sizes, though...

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Kristin said...

I only did like 4 stitchfix boxes last year but I kept something (and loved a lot) from the boxes I did get.
I need a good maxi skirt...
Also, I can't believe they don't do plus sizes!

Joey said...

I love these posts from you!! That maxi skirt is amazeballs!

Tricia Nae said...

I can't wait till I'm in regular sizes and can try this out. :) I always love the stuff people post on their reviews. SOON!!!

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