Wednesday, April 15, 2015


As a mother, there are certain memories you feel pressured to try and create for your children. You know what I'm talking about. Pictures with Santa Clause and/or the Easter Bunny. Pumpkin patches at Halloween. Dyeing Easter eggs. 

I often dread and avoid these things, as they almost always involve crowds, messes, a screaming child, and/or uncomfortable clothing.

In Texas, taking pictures of your child frolicking through the bluebonnets in the spring undoubtedly falls within this category of "mandatory" moments. I skipped them the last two years because I just figured they wouldn't go well. Based on our experience last weekend, I probably was not wrong.

Gracie mostly just wanted out of the bluebonnet field, and I could not get her to crack a smile for the life of me. But I have to say, we still ended up with some really adorable pictures. So maybe it was worth it, after all?

 photo IMG_9515.jpg
 photo IMG_9504.jpg
(I think this picture may actually be evidence of a criminal offense. You're not supposed to pick the bluebonnets. Oops.)

 photo IMG_9506.jpg  photo IMG_9537.jpg

 photo IMG_9538.jpg

Her hands in those pockets. I die.

 photo IMG_9574.jpg

 photo IMG_9564.jpg

 photo IMG_9524.jpg

Poor kid. Ha.

 photo IMG_9592.jpg

Hallelujah! She broke free from the bluebonnets.

 photo IMG_9595.jpg

Maybe next year we'll get a smile. :)


Joey said...

Are you SERIOUS with these?!! Holy moly, woman! She's gorgeous. As are the photos! And I tend to feel the same about most "mandatory" things. Crowds, messes, and screaming babies. No thanks.

Jessica Manning-Garner said...

These are great pictures! You seriously are great at this motherhood thing. I'm thinking about having a baby sometime soon, but it seems so scary! You're proof that one can be successful in a career and as a parent!

Oak & Oats said...

I love these photos! So fun!

The Links said...

Ahhh these are so sweet. Totally random question, but what setting are you taking your pictures on because I can tell she is moving but not blurry. I have TONS AND TONS AND TONS of blurry pictures of my boys because they are constantly moving. I can't ever get the pics with out catching the motion!!!

Courtney Kassner said...

Could she be any cuter?! Love these!

Jenny Morgan said...

I can't even on these pictures!!!! Oh my goodness--these totally could be in a kids clothing catalog! Although it may not have been a super awesome experience, the pictures are amazing!

Angie said...

Those pictures are GREAT!! Especially for her age and how uncooperative those little rascals are... That one of her with her back turned and the profile of her face (hands in the pockets) is major canvas material!! Perfect

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