Friday, April 10, 2015


I mentioned on Monday that my family and I went to the Dallas Arboretum this past weekend. Just before we ran out the door, I grabbed my big camera and actually managed to get a few pretty pictures while we were there. 

 photo IMG_9385.jpg

We tried so hard to get one of all of us looking at the camera. We clearly failed.

 photo IMG_9389.jpg

There were tulips for days.

 photo IMG_9378.jpg

The two trouble-makers on the left and sweet Blakely on the right.

 photo IMG_9399.jpg

Gracie basically jumped into the fountain. Like every other toddler on the planet, she loves water.

 photo IMG_9317.jpg photo IMG_9323.jpg

Gracie hugged the Easter Bunny for approximately .5 seconds before she screamed bloody murder.

 photo IMG_9344.jpg

And a certain little blue-eyed beauty was loving her some Uncle Micah. (I think the feeling is completely mutual.)

 photo IMG_9403.jpg

 photo IMG_9441.jpg

After Grace adorably smelled these gorgeous flowers, she pulled all the petals off and threw them on the ground.

And that's how you do a garden with a toddler.


The Tale of Three Ps said...

Those Easter Bunnies are so creepy. I feel ya, Grace. Love her outfit. Very cute.

Tricia Nae said...

Gorgeous. I want to go out there...I've never been. And why are Easter bunnies so odd looking? I mean can we not create a really cute one? They weird me out!!!

Lisa Channell said...

Adorable! And Grace's outfit is the cutest!

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