Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy feet...

Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened the package I received in the mail from Lipton Publicity. They had contacted me about doing a review of some Kushyfoot products, and while I don't often do product reviews or sponsored content, I had heard of Kushyfoot and thought it'd be worth giving the products a try in the hopes that they'd send me some of their Flats to Go. (I had seen them somewhere and really wanted to try out a pair.) 

Turns out, they actually have a lot of cool stuff, and they were kind enough to send me several things to try.

 photo IMG_9444.jpg

I was pleasantly surprised by the peep toe foot covers, which fit really well under my favorite pee-toe booties. I had expected them to be really uncomfortable, but I hardly felt them.

The extreme low cut foot covers held up to the name. I put on my skimpiest flats and they barely poked out of the sides.

 photo IMG_9453.jpg

I will definitely be wearing these this things often, as I adore wearing low-cut flats, but I do not adore the way they start to smell by the middle of summer.

And, to my delight, they did, in fact, send some of the Flats to Go I had my eye on.

 photo 5319ac6e-3871-4c35-ab11-c319ebc06210.jpg
 photo IMG_9449.jpg

Am I the only mom who leaves work, runs to the grocery store for a few things and wishes every time that she had stored a pair of flats in her car so she didn't have to run around the store in heels? This is precisely why I'm thrilled about these flats. They're even small enough to fold up in your purse. We often walk to a nearby food truck park for lunch at work, and you'd better believe I'll be taking these with me on days when the weather is pretty so I don't have to make the trek in four-inch stilettos. Also, they feel like legitimate ballet flats, which makes me feel dainty.

I've also got my eye on these athletic socks for the gym. So fun, right?

So if you're in the market for any kind of sock, they have anything you could possibly want at really great prices. And everything they sent was really comfortable. Go check them out, friends.

* Lipton Publicity/Kushyfoot provided all products. All opinions are my own.

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Joey said...

I was sent the flats a few months ago--before we knew we were moving to CLT--and I literally said in the post they would have been great when we lived here! Now when we go out to the city, we take the train which is a good walk from our house--the flats to go work like a CHARM!

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