Thursday, May 7, 2015

Plaid and books and other stuff . . .

>> I stayed up late last night finishing One Plus One by JoJo Moyes. When I got into the bathtub, I had roughly half the book to finish. When I got out a couple of hours later, the water was cold (even though I had refilled it twice), the book was finished, and I was exhausted but satisfied. It was one of those books that was decent enough to enjoy reading but not so complex or deep that it took work to keep up with it. I definitely recommend it.

Before that, the last book I read was The One & Only by Emily Griffin. I HIGHLY recommend this book, particularly if you're (a) from Texas or (b) into college football towns. (You almost certainly are (b) if you're (a), but I recognize that the rest of the country likes college football, too.) It just made me happy and was a quick, easy read.

>> I've decided that making dinner is basically the worst part of every day. This makes me sad because I used to adore cooking. I loved planning our meals, grocery shopping, and coming home at the end of the workday to play in the kitchen. But as the mom of a two year-old with an early bedtime, making dinner totally sucks. So I started ordering a couple of meals a week from Gourmaleo. If you live within 18 miles of downtown Dallas, they deliver handmade, Paleo-compliant food to your door. It's really good stuff, and, although it's pricey, it's also healthy. And when I broke the numbers down, I saw that I wasn't paying that much more than I would for the groceries to make the stuff myself. So we've been trying it out. Last week, we forgot about the delivery and the food sat out all night on our porch. #fail

>> It still feels weird for me to wear plaid.

 photo 50F5CFE9-B5B8-4302-9F39-AB317D1E39A7.jpg

It makes me feel like 1994.

>> We've got family pictures tentatively scheduled with Lauren for this weekend. It's probably going to be too rainy and/or muddy, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

What stuff and/or things do you have going on? Link up with Kristin and Joey and tell us!


Kristin said...

I love plaid. It's my favorite print.

I read Me Before You and it was just okay (the main character drove me nuts), so I've been hesitant about trying her other books. They don't have any of them at my library.

Man, a meal delivery service would be tempting...

Joey said...

A meal delivery is exactly what I need..I mean FOR REAL. And you look cute in plaid!

MKLackey said...

Add in what you would bill for that time spent making dinner (and buying those groceries) - boom, you have to be even. I wish I could find someplace that would deliver four different meals for four different tastes. As I have not, we have sandwiches most nights. :)

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