Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Adulting is hard...

I left work early yesterday to try and make it to the Sunnyvale courthouse in time to take care of the tickets I got a few weeks ago. (Because I know you're curious, I was going 65 in a 45, had expired registration, and apparently my brake lights were out. The cop gave zero shits about the tears I cried. Understandably.)

On the way there, I ignored a sign that indicated that the road I was exiting onto was closed and then got annoyed when traffic began to back up. (Because that's reasonable.) I did what every other law-breaking driver ahead of me did and popped the curb onto the service road. Which was also backed up. So I took a "shortcut" through a movie theater parking lot. Which was also backed up. 

I finally made it to the municipal court, dealt with a rude clerk whose job I do not envy, paid nearly $300 to make the tickets go away, and went home.

I popped into our study to admire the gallery wall I spent hours hanging the night before and saw this catastrophe on the floor.

 photo CE3D5E1D-304E-4EAD-8D34-9B4529DAF541.jpg

Apparently those Command strips are no substitute for a hammer and a nail. Thankfully, the (overpriced Pottery Barn) frame was intact, so I'll just have to have a new pane of glass cut to fit.

Micah had a softball game last night, so after tucking Miss Priss in for the night, I crawled into bed at 8:00 and called it a day.

Of course, that meant I forgot to pack Gracie's bag for splash day at school, which means she'll be the only kid splashing around in the water in her t-shirt and shorts rather than a swimsuit. (At least I had the foresight to bring some extra clothes for her cubby last week...)

Mother of the year over here, y'all.

 photo 5D4EC78E-E311-467F-A767-F98ED106EFE2.jpg

Can I have a do-over?


Kristin said...

At least you admitted to all of it. I didn't mention the fact that, in March, I got a ticket for going 75 in a 55, put off paying the ticket because I was annoyed, ended up having to go to the county courthouse to pay it, and that fact alone was such a hassle and annoyance that now I pay attention to speed limits.

And that picture: that's the kind of thing I'd shove into a closet and forget about for 6 months because it'd be such a hassle to fix.

Nichole @ casadecrews.com said...

Some days I can deal with life, and others I am like, "nope!" so I feel ya girl! xoxo

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