Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday shenanigans...

I swear I didn't fall off the planet, y'all. We've been busy (both at work and at home), so I took some time away from blog-land to maintain my sanity. But you guys know I can't stay away for too long.

So here's what we've been up to:

Fourth of July-ing. 

We spent the morning on the lake in the new boat, which was a blast. Gracie likes to "go fast" and go "fimmin'" in the water. (I'm not a huge fan of swimming in the lake because an alligator is obviously going to come by and eat me for breakfast.) And then my best friend turned 30 on July 5th, and her adorable husband threw her an awesome "surprise" party in the evening on the 4th. (I say "surprise" because Lauren is nosy and knew about the party way ahead of time, so we didn't even go through the charade of hiding. She just showed up when the rest of us did.)

 photo 5C4E4A25-398B-4F52-A0E1-7AE0B4650957.jpg

We had a ball listening to people sing karaoke, splashing around the little kiddie pool they had set up for all the toddlers... and then watching Grace puke all over everywhere.

We still have no idea what that was about, but she took a turn when it got dark (just as all the fireworks were going off around us!), and we had to hightail it home.


Thankfully, she didn't puke again, but from Saturday through yesterday, she consistently ran a 100-101 fever and had a sore throat. (She also thought now would be a good time to boycott the thermometer and all medicine, which was super fun.) So Micah, his mom, my dad, and I have all tag-teamed staying home with her this week, which has been crazy for me at work. (Of course it has.)

 photo 71A9F1DE-9D6F-4F5E-8BBA-CEC2B52553EB.jpg
(I have no idea about the antlers.)

Given that all her cultures came back negative for bacterial infection, we think it must have been viral. From what I can see on my Instagram feed, it looks like it's going around. We've watched a ton of movies, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Sophia the First. (If I hear the hot dog song one more time, I may lose it.) And I got to pretend to be a stay-at-home mom for a couple of days, which was fun (and hard - kudos to you ladies!). HomeGoods is so much less crowded at 10:00 on a Thursday morning!


Speaking of HomeGoods, I've also gotten motivated to really try and get my house finished up. I'd say it's, like, 80% decorated now, and I'm mostly just working on finishing touches. (And switching out all the bad decisions I made when we first moved in...)

Certain parts are coming together. Like this little vignette on the buffet in our dining room.

 photo FC7636B3-4357-4211-A2D2-7B2F1C08B0B5.jpg
(The fact that the cloche isn't straight over the greenery is annoying me, too, friends, but I forgot to snap another picture after I straightened it.)

What I really struggle with are walls. What are your go-tos for decorating a blank wall? I've got about a 7 foot by 9 foot alcove above our stairs that's been torturing me since we moved in in 2011. I feel like I won't be able to find something I like without spending one zillion dollars.


Oh yeah. So I'm on day 17 of my third Whole30. It's a lazy girl's Whole30, though, because I haven't been sticking to all the rules the way I did before. I've had some green juice, a Paleo cookie, and I had donuts with Gracie for breakfast yesterday. Ha. But at this point, my focus is really just to regain some semblance of moderation and get my mind back in the game. And I figured y'all have seen enough pictures of my eggs and Louisiana Hot Sauce that I probably don't need to blast them all over the blog and social media again. You're welcome.

And even though this post isn't technically in confession style, I can't resist linking up with Leslie because I'm SOFREAKINGHAPPY that she's back and healthy and just as lovely as ever. I'm a broken record, I know, but if y'all don't follow her, you are just really missing out.

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