Friday, November 14, 2008

Some me time...

Micah's gone for the night, and I decided to have some quality "me" time. So I went and bought the "Sex and the City" movie, bought some popcorn and Twizzlers, and cuddled up on the couch. (Without Fluffy, Micah. Don't freak out. I didn't let her on the furniture). I love that movie. It makes you appreciate your girlfriends and what they give you that your guy is just incapable of providing.

I mean... don't get me wrong. Micah's amazing. Fantastic listener, funny, sweet, all that good stuff. But when I need to whine about my hair, or I need to shop... he just doesn't cut it. :) My friends and I decided that we're each a Sex and the City character. I'm Charlotte... but not. I'm all idealistic, and happy, and optimistic, and in love with love like she is. But I'm not QUITE as easily offended as her, and I certainly don't have her perfect Audrey Hepburn class. I wish. I also wish I were more demure. But I'm not. I'm silly and goofy and awkward at times, and I somehow convinced the best guy in the world to marry me. Lucky me!! :)

I was about to write how behind I am in school, but it's Friday night, and I REFUSE to think about school right now. It's off limits.

Instead, I'll just say how freaking EXCITED I am that "Twilight" is coming out next weekend!!!!! You know how I love Harry Potter (and have read each Harry Potter book AT LEAST three times), but Harry Potter is missing the epic love story that Twilight has. And I am just so ready to see them in the movie. YAY!

Alright... time for bed. :)


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