Friday, December 18, 2009

A look back...

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. In ONE day, I will be ONE semester away from graduating law school. It's totally crazy how fast it's flown by. Think of all the things that have happened since I started:

1) I moved to a TOTALLY different city, away from my family and friends.
2) Micah and I moved into a new house together.
3) My best friend's mom died, and I had a tough time dealing with it.
4) Micah PROPOSED!
5) My brother and Faith got married.
6) I survived a hurricane.
7) I endured a whirlwind of interviews and landed two great summer jobs.
8) I got through the most difficult semester of my life - and actually made good grades!
9) Micah and I got MARRIED! And then went on the most amazing honeymoon!
10) I wrote a 60-page paper for law review - and lived to tell the tale!
11) My dog Shadow died.
12) Micah and I got the most adorable puppy in the world - Miss Lilly Bell.
13) I started couponing!
14) My laptop died during my Patent Law exam, and I made the worst grade of my entire life.
15) I spent the summer away from Micah in Dallas working.
16) I began writing Micah a love letter every week - well almost. :)
17) Micah and I bought a new truck.
18) We spent my birthday in San Antonio for a mini-vacation.
19) I got turned down by both of my summer jobs.
20) Micah's grandma died, and we drove to Missouri for the funeral.
21) I got sick for the first time in years.
22) I started thinking about practicing criminal law.

Whew! I've been a busy girl. Now just a LITTLE more studying, and I'll be a free woman until January! :)

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