Sunday, December 13, 2009

Study break...

I desperately need a study break right now. I've been glued to this stupid chair for what feels like weeks. (Actually it really has been weeks.) And I've finished two of my four classes, so I'm halfway there. Perfect time for a blog, right? :)

I'm actually getting really, REALLY excited about my future. I feel like I'm sort of at a crossroads, and I'm seeing the Lord slowly, but surely reveal His plans for the road ahead. After what has felt like months and months of wandering in the darkness, I'm catching a glimpse of light, and I'm starting to see my hope float.

I'm still jobless. But I think I am really understanding that I'm jobless for a reason.

I came into law school absolutely certain that I would graduate and practice as a patent lawyer. That's what I came to law school to do. That's actually why I chose to come to University of Houston - they have one of the best intellectual property programs in the country.

Patent law is interesting to me, and I think I'd do well in that area of the law. But this summer, I really began to feel like it wasn't the best "fit." I think a lot of that had to do with the firms in which I was working, but I definitely felt like something just wasn't right.

Whatever the reason, I began to seriously listen to this small part of my brain, which, during my second semester of law school, began telling me that maybe patent law wasn't the only choice I needed to consider.

During my second semester of law school, I was required to take a criminal law course. I expected to hate every second of it. I just wasn't interested in criminal law on any level, and I planned on suffering through the course.

But, of course, I absolutely loved it. I loved reading for class. I loved going to class. I even loved the freaking exam. But I told myself that it was because the professor was amazing (which she was), and I continued on my plan to practice patent law.

Then I did a moot court competition last spring. A criminal competition. Even though there was a patent law competition I could have competed in, I opted for the criminal one and was thrilled when I was selected for the team. The experience, though not all together a positive one, reaffirmed my interest in criminal law, and I decided to take a criminal procedure course this semester.

Again, I have loved it. The professor is amazing, and I have enjoyed every aspect of the course. If you have read this far (sorry this is so long), you're catching my drift. I'm pretty much obsessed with criminal law, and yet I've been dead-set on pursuing a path in patent law. I think I've been apprehensive about it because I perceive it to be a dangerous area of the law. We've already established that I'm a scaredy cat, and I think I just wondered if I had enough guts to do the job well.

But I don't want to ever wonder whether or not I would have been great at it. Plus, I just feel like the Lord keeps pulling me off the path that I've so carefully planned out for myself, and I'm not so stubborn that I can't take a hint.

So I applied for and got an internship at the Harris County District Attorney's office for the spring. And I honestly could NOT be more excited. It's criminal prosecution, in case you're wondering. I haven't gone over to the dark side of criminal defense, I promise. :) It's going to be a lot of work, and I know it's going to force me out of my comfort zone. I mean, I could be running my own misdemeanor trial by the time I'm finished in May.

Me. In trial. I get a rush just thinking about it.

So anyway, I start in January, and I hope it goes well. And if you get a chance, will you please say a little prayer that I don't totally screw it up? :)

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