Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Perfect Dog...

So Micah and I made another impulse purchase yesterday.

I'm not sure what it is with us - we're both pretty frugal, but occasionally we just get a wild hair and want to buy something a little impractical.  So we do.  

Yesterday we bought "The Perfect Dog" obedience training system for Lilly, and I'm hoping it does wonders.  

We had seen infomercials for this product before, and while I generally giggle at most infomercials and their ridiculous cheesy-ness, we were both intrigued by the product.  It's basically a set of DVDs, a training (non-shock) collar, and three different leashes.  I mostly just want the DVDs, so I can hopefully figure out how to show my sassy puppy that I'm the leader of the pack.

Lilly's a sweet girl, and she's very smart.  She can sit, stay, lay, shake, high five, come, and fetch a frisbee like a champ.  Plus she's fully potty trained.  But occasionally, she just doesn't do what we want her to do, even though she hears the commands.  And occasionally she growls at us (mostly me) when she's laying and apparently doesn't want to be bothered.  

She also is AWFUL on a leash.  I've tried taking her running with me, but it's an all out mess and more trouble than it's worth.

So when we saw this system, which promises to show you how to teach your dog how to obey, without using a shock/high frequency collar or treats, we decided to just bite the bullet and buy it.  

We sound like a bunch of suckers, I know.  And maybe the $70 we spent will get us absolutely nowhere, but I'm optimistic (shocker, right?).  I read a lot of online reviews on various consumer websites, and most customers seemed very satisfied.  So we're giving it a go.

I'll keep you updated on how it works. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have a puppy I'm not afraid to take out in public. :)

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