Saturday, August 28, 2010

In my shower...

It appears as though I have a bit of a problem.  Apparently I've taken consumerism to a whole other level, and my shower is taking the heat for it.  

I didn't really realize how bad it had gotten until I bought some new shampoo and conditioner from Victoria's Secret the other day and couldn't find anywhere to put them.  I actually had to throw away two quarter-full bottles of body wash to make room for them.  

And maybe that's part of the problem.  I think I get separation anxiety when it comes time to use the last of whatever's in the bottle, and I just can't go through with it.  As a result, I end up with 2,354,998 almost-empty bottles in my shower.  The other contributing factor is the fact that I get most of this stuff for free or almost-free at CVS and Walgreens or from my step-mom who always hooks me up with the best products.

So this is me, admitting my problem and attempting to deal with it.  But first I have to show you the evidence.

This is basket number one, containing three bottles of shampoo and four bottles of conditioner (the tiniest of which comes in my hair dye package, and I swear to goodness that if L'Oreal would just sell it individually they would make a killing.)  Plus there's a razor mounted to the wall next to it.

Basket number two adds one more bottle of conditioner (it's the mousse-looking bottle, and it has literally been in that same spot for two years), one bottle of body wash, two bottles of face wash, and my very favorite Kiehl's shaving cream in the back.  Plus three more razors.

These three are balancing precariously on the edge of the tub - one shampoo, one conditioner, and one clever marketing scheme in which Skintimate had me at "flirty mango."  I didn't even need shaving cream.

Two more (huge!) bottles of body wash plus another shampoo.  I can kind of justify this shampoo by saying that I only use it once a week to remove the residue from all the other shampoo that I use.  If that even makes sense.

These guys are on that bar at the top of the shower that no one uses because everything falls through.  I use it because I have to.  Count 'em up:  four bottles of conditioner and two bottles of shampoo.  And some unsolicited advice - don't buy Glisten products by Mop.  They're organic and all that jazz, but the conditioner's only really good for shaving my legs, and at $30 a pop, I'm pretty sure I can find cheaper shaving cream.

We're almost done, I promise.

Corner number three boasts one almost-empty bottle of bubble bath, one bottle of bath oil (shout out to Jaby's Bath Products!), and a to-die-for bottle of SkinCeuticals Micro Polish.  Marry me.

And last, but not least, we have the three bottles that made this mind-numbingly boring post possible - Victoria's Secret So Sexy Color Shampoo and Conditioner and Nourish Deep Conditioner.

For those of you keeping track, that's a grand total of eight bottles of shampoo, twelve bottles of conditioner, three bottles of body wash (plus the soap I didn't include a picture of), two containers of shaving cream, four razors, two bottles of face wash, one bottle of bubble bath, one bottle of bath oil, and one bottle of micropolish.  

And what makes this all even more ridiculous is that I have a linen closet full to the brim of more of this stuff... just waiting for me to find the courage to throw some of these almost-empty bottles away and add more to my overcrowded tub.  Apparently, the moral of the story is that I need a bigger bathtub. :)


The Copeland Family said...

I have this problem, too! You crack me up, girl!

Ryan said...

It's nice to know I'm not alone, Lisa! :)

Chrissy said...

I have this problem too! I now have a huge tote container filled to the brim with barely to half used shampoo and conditioner bottles!!!

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