Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

This week has already been insane. And it's only Wednesday morning!

Monday morning I got my official offer letter from McKool Smith, and I happily accepted Monday afternoon! (Although, let's be real - I totally had to resist the urge to call as soon as I received the email. I figured three hours was a respectable amount of time to pretend to have been contemplating the decision like a responsible adult would have done.)

I also found out that my start date was on October 1. Which means that I've got a whole heck of a lot to accomplish in the next thirty days!

First, we've got to find a place to live. We're considering the Sunnyvale area, which is near Mesquite but feels like the country. It's about 20 minutes from downtown Dallas and 30-35 minutes from Josephine.

Also, I desperately need a new car. Aside from the fact that a bright yellow mustang convertible doesn't exactly scream "I'm a respectable attorney," it's just time for something new. I've driven that tiny thing for seven years, and I'm ready for an SUV.

We also need to figure out what to do with our house here in Houston. I'd love to sell it and just be done with it, but this market obviously doesn't present the best opportunity for profit (or even preventing loss), so we're probably going to rent for awhile. So if you know anyone who'd be interested in renting a fairly new three-bedroom house 20 minutes from downtown, let me know! :)

Plus, we've got to orchestrate the move, itself. We considered using a mover, but I think we're just going to do it ourselves. Again. Ick.

So, I'm headed up to Dallas today so that I can (1) go to Canton with Lauren - I haven't been since I was a little girl, (2) look at cars, and (3) look at houses to rent.

I'll do my best to check in while I'm there, but I can't make any promises... I may be too busy taking my new ride for a spin! :)

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