Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day Three: My First Love

To tell you the truth, when I saw that this was the topic for Day Three I considered just skipping it. But I'm just not that kind of girl. So here goes. :)

First of all, I don't automatically think of one person when I think of my first love. And that's because, after I fell in love with Micah, I realized that what I thought I felt for any guy before him just paled in comparison. So I get all confused because I thought I loved them then, even though I feel like it couldn't have been real love, knowing what I know now.

But, in the interest of full disclosure, I'll say that, once upon a time, I thought I loved my first real boyfriend. I had a crush on him for years, and he finally asked me out my freshman year in high school. We looked perfect on paper - we were both active in our church, we both loved sports, and we were both a little brainy. But it just wasn't the right fit, you know? We made MUCH better friends, and I still consider him to be a great friend to this day.

The other guy that comes to mind... well it's really a long story. So I won't bore you with all of that. I'll just say that he was (and I'm sure still is) a wonderful, incredible person, but I just woke up one day and didn't feel the same way anymore. And real, true, earth-shattering love doesn't just go away overnight does it?

So, bottom line (and any good lawyer, after equivocating and telling you both sides of every story, should always give you the bottom line): I think Micah Lee was my first real, true love. He's probably the best man I've ever known or will ever know, and being his wife is honestly the thing I'm most proud of. :)


Jen said...

I totally understand the wanting to skip today's topic. I too almost skipped over it! My hubby of course is my TRUE love but I am not sure he was my first and I know the hubs reads my blog and I just didn't want to write about another man. So I decided to go around the topic and talk about my first loves as a little girl! It worked and I didn't have to miss a day!!


Ryan said...

I like that idea, Jen! I wish I had been that clever. I could have skipped the whole mess altogether! :)

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