Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day Two: The Story Behind My Blog Name

I'm trying to play catch-up here, so I'm going to go ahead and do Day Two, as well. Don't tell anyone that I cheated. :)

Day Two: The Story Behind My Blog Name

This actually isn't a super-interesting story (which I'm sure has you DYING to read more). I had a blog at a different Blogspot address, but after I got married, I wanted a new title and address that didn't have my maiden name in it. I was ridiculously proud of being married. :)

And, as I'm sure you can tell, I tend to ramble a bit. So The Ramblings of Mrs. Hargrave was born. :) I hope you enjoy reading my silly thoughts.


Because I'm absent-minded and a little sleepy, I just realized that I forgot to explain the subtitle of my blog, which is a tad bit more interesting.

"Life's So Sweet" comes from a line in a cute SHeDAISY song that I love called Passenger Seat. The basic gist of the song is that a girl is riding in the car with a guy, and she can't imagine that life could be any sweeter than it is in that moment. That's how I generally live my life: I try and enjoy every moment and not worry too much about yesterday or tomorrow. Plus, I just happen to love riding in the passenger seat of Micah's truck, which is why I always let him drive. Life really is sweet. :)

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