Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Following through...

I'm realizing that I'm doing a HORRIBLE job at following through with feedback when I try new recipes. I get you all excited about a new dish and then just leave you hanging, with no idea whether or not it's completely divine or totally inedible.

I've actually tried a lot of the recipes I've posted recently, so I'll post a quick review for each one I've made. I'll use a very technical, scientific rating system that I'm sure none of you will understand at all: Loved it, Liked it, Disliked it, Hated it. Got it? Do I need to list them again? ;)

Creamy Stovetop Crab Dip: Liked it.
I think it would actually be really delicious, except that I overcooked it. When the oil starts separating out, you know you've cooked it too long. So, just stop cooking it when everything is hot, and I think you'll enjoy it. Also, don't skimp and use imitation crab meat. Go with the real thing. :)

Risotto: Loved it.
No tweaks or modifications needed here. This is a delicious, simple (for risotto), classic risotto recipe, and we really enjoyed it.

Double Dressing Pasta Salad: Disliked it.
This was just not good. I'm not usually a fan of using bottled dressing as a sauce, so I should have known this one wouldn't be up my alley. Oh well. Lived and learned. :)

Corn Dip: Loved it.
Micah wasn't a huge fan of this dip, but I absolutely loved it. The recipe makes a LOT, so if you're just cooking for you and your spouse, definitely half the recipe.

Fancy Macaroni and Cheese: Loved/Liked it.
I'm such a lawyer - I always have to equivocate. This was really good, but I wouldn't say I LOVED it. What I liked so much about this recipe was that, generally, baked macaroni calls for egg, and I HATE egg with my pasta. Pioneer Woman left the egg out, and I appreciated that.

Summer Stir Fry: Loved it.
This was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Especially for "healthy food." (Just ignore the fact that you sautee both the shrimp and vegetables in butter.) It's light, but flavorful. The only problem is that I never know what to serve with it. So I just serve it by itself. :)

Restaurant-Style Smashed Potatoes: LOVED it.
These were exquisite. Probably my favorite mashed potatoes ever. Apart from these.

Fettucine Alfredo: Loved/Liked it.
Again, this was really yummy. The only reason it doesn't get a full-blown "Loved it" is because, as a devoted fettucine alfredo enthusiast, I found this recipe to be absolutely traditional. And I think it's meant to be. If you're looking for a classic recipe that you can cook time and time again and get rave reviews, this is the recipe you want to use. I think I was just looking for a twist when I cooked it. BUT, it has become my go-to base recipe for this dish, which definitely is saying something.

Chicken Cacciatore: Liked it.
I'm not technically breaking my "no bottled dressing as sauce" rule, because this recipe uses a bottled SAUCE as a sauce. :) So it's ridiculously easy. And really yummy. I wasn't sure about serving it with mashed potatoes, but they were actually the perfect side dish. So give it a try.

Alright, that's as far as I'm going back right now. There are several more that I posted months and months ago, but I'm about critiqued out. :)

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