Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm horrible...

Wow. I'm the worst blogger EVER! I get a little distracted at work and I neglect my blog for a whole week! If there is anyone still reading, I'm super duper sorry! My week was fairly jam-packed, so get ready for a not-so-quick rundown. :)

The Rangers game was really fun last weekend. Our seats were AMAZING, and I'd post pictures to brag, but we were actually sitting RIGHT behind home plate, and there was a safety net up that just ruined all of the pictures. So you'll have to just imagine how great our view was. :)

Work was busy for the first part of last week - I had two quick projects that had to get done, so I didn't do much else from Monday through Wednesday. But I REALLY like the work. It's interesting, challenging, and it actually matters, which feels nice. :)

Plus, like I said before, the people are just great. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating, and there are so many small things the firm does to make life easier for everyone. I just appreciate that so much.

I went to lunch and had sushi with some people from work on Thursday and it was DELICIOUS. We ate at Sushi Axiom, and they had some DELICIOUS rolls. The Jalapeno Roll was so good I almost cried. If you haven't eaten there, definitely give it a try.

Friday, I had lunch with my bestie, which was super fun, and then I had dinner with my dad, stepmom, brother and sister-in-law. We went to Texas Land & Cattle, and I swear that I could eat their Signature Wedge salad every day for the rest of my life and not get sick of it. Delish.

I also got several people crossed off my Christmas list on Friday. I know it's WAAAAY too early to start thinking about it, but I came across some online deals that were too good to pass up. Plus, I'm a HORRIBLE gift giver, so I liked the idea of actually getting a thoughtful gift in advance, rather than just throwing something together at the last minute like I usually do. Hopefully everyone likes what they're getting. If not, I'll be using it all for myself. :)

On Saturday my sweet father-in-law and brother-in-law moved my piano from Josephine into our formal living room for me. I used to play the piano when I was younger, and I learned to play on my great grandmother's piano, which I think is pretty special. We didn't have room for it in Houston, but we do now! It's nice to have it back, although it definitely needs to be tuned and polished.

As a sort of payment for their manual labor, we cooked fajitas for Micah's family. PLUS, his brother and his fiance brought their sweet little boy over. I took about a BILLION pictures of Landyn, and I promise I'll post them soon. He's unbelievably adorable - and SO tiny and sweet!

Yesterday, Micah went out to watch the Cowboy's game with his dad, and I stayed here to try and run some errands - I needed more work clothes, and I also had to buy groceries. I got everything done, except I still need to find a black belt. Apparently I'm a little picky. :)

After Micah got home from his parents' house, we went and had dinner with his BFF and his girlfriend at Fish City at Firewheel Mall. It was definitely yummy, and it was good to catch up with them.

We also found a renter for the Houston house this past week! I couldn't believe it, given that we'd only had our house on the market for about a week and a half! But apparently the tenant needed to find something quick and liked the area, so she was ready to sign a contract. I'm still not sure whether it would have been smarter to try and wait to find someone whose credit and renting history was a little stronger, but we were just ready to be done with it. Hopefully we don't kick ourselves later.

The only other interesting thing of note is that I had to have my picture taken at work today. The firm puts pictures of all of the attorneys online, along with their experience. Right now, mine will basically say: Ryan knows nothing yet, so don't expect much. :) And the picture-taking session, itself, was pretty awkward. I haven't had my picture taken like that in a LONG time. I hated posing and smiling the way the photographer told me to. At one point, I actually threatened his life. I believe my exact words were: "I'll absolutely murder you if you put that one on the website." Looking back, maybe that was a tad bit unprofessional. Oops. :)

Anyway - we didn't have a quiet, relaxing weekend, but I'm still LOVING getting to see our friends and family whenever we want. Maybe at some point it will sink in that we're actually home for good, and we won't feel so frantic about spending time with everyone. Until then, our families should just expect us to keep calling and dropping by. :)

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