Saturday, October 2, 2010

Random Things...

This past week has been wonderful! Busy... definitely busy, but wonderful. Just getting to see everyone - our parents, my friends, his friends, our new nephew, my new baby cousin - has been amazing.

Plus I started my job yesterday! Everyone is incredibly friendly, and it seems like people genuinely enjoy working there. Almost every single person - attorneys, staff, everyone - told me how wonderful the firm is and how they couldn't imagine working anywhere else.

I love my new office, though I definitely need to decorate! The walls are bare, and my desk has NOTHING on it, so I'm headed to Hobby Lobby later to see what I can find. I've got a humongous bookcase in my office, too, so I'm contemplating taking some of my law books up there.

I can't tell you how surreal it felt to walk into the office yesterday and know that I had a real job. One that wasn't just for six weeks or the summer and actually pays me money. It's insane to think that I'm really a lawyer now. I'm really a grown up. So weird...

I've gotten a BIT more done with the house, though there are still SO many things that need to be hung on the walls. They'll require Micah's expertise, though, so I'm waiting for him to find time to work on them.

I also have realized how NICE it is to have a real mailbox in front of the house. I haven't had one since I lived in Wylie when I was younger, and I'm loving not having to either (1) go to the post office to check a P.O. box like we had to do in Josephine or (2) go to a mail center like I had to do when I lived at UTD and in Houston. Apparently it's the little things that make me happy. :)

Also, have I written about Gevalia yet? It's a coffee/tea company, and they've got a great promotion right now. If you need a new, pretty coffee maker and like tasty coffee, you can sign up to receive four boxes of coffee, a stainless steel coffee maker (with white or black accents), and a travel coffee cup for $19.99 plus tax with free shipping!! I have a cool Senseo coffee maker, but it only makes one cup at a time, and Micah wanted something that would make a pot, so we were going to buy a coffee maker anyway. And this one is nice and pretty and programmable, and I didn't think I could beat the bargain!

Gevalia's promotion actually enrolls you in a program that will ship you coffee every month or so, but you can cancel after your first order comes in with no problem. Also, their customer service is incredible! I accidentally ordered a white coffee maker by mistake, and I called to ask how to return it to get the black one instead, and they told me to just keep the white one and that they'd send the black one this week! So I ended up with TWO free coffee makers!! So if you want in on this deal, go here to order! :) If you do place an order, let me suggest the Cinnamon coffee. Yum!

I hope you're enjoying your weekend as much as I am. In my opinion, there isn't a more beautiful time of the year, and I'm loving just sitting outside on our back patio and watching Lilly play. We're going to the Rangers game tomorrow and I'm actually THRILLED! I'm not that into baseball, but any excuse to sit outside in the sunshine is a good thing! Especially since we're using my mom's boss's tickets, and we're sitting behind home plate on the sixth row! :)

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