Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Week Twenty-Three...

(Another bad shirt for a bump picture.  Sorry, y'all...)

How far along?  Twenty-three weeks.

Baby is the size of... a large mango.

Best moment this week?  Micah finally felt her kick!  It was such a sweet, amazing moment, and he just loved it.

Miss anything?  Nothing this week.  We're just loving every minute of this sweet journey.

Movement?  She's moving around like a wild woman.

Sleep?  I generally wake up at least twice to pee, but I can usually go right back to sleep.

Food cravings?  None this week, although I have drank almost a gallon of orange juice.  Maybe that's a craving?

What makes you queasy/sick?  Nothing this week.

Morning sickness?  I had a teensy bit of nausea early on this week, but it's mostly gone now.

Other symptoms?  Some headaches and a weird tightness on my left side.  It feels like my muscle might just be a little strained.

Gender?  It's a GIRL!

Looking forward to... going to Lone Star Baby this weekend to see if we can find a crib that won't break the bank... :)


Laura said...

I think I noticed that's your inspiration nursery had a Jenny Lind (I think??). You can get them super cheap on amazon and at babies r us and paint them fun colors! We ended up having someone buy us a crib otherwise I would totally have done that.

Emily said...

You are just glowing! I love your shirt-is it maternity? I think I saw the name you guys have picked on IG...have you posted it on here yet? I might have missed it. Anyways, I LOVE it!

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