Wednesday, March 20, 2013

House update: game room...

We've been working on our game room for awhile now.  And although it's definitely not done, I figured I could at least give you guys an update on our progress so far.  Thankfully, we've nailed down all the big things.  I just think it needs some softness - some fun throw pillows for the couch, curtains, cozy blankets, and whatever other pretty things I find for it down the road.

 photo IMG_6511.jpg

So come on in, y'all...

 photo IMG_6512.jpg

The first thing we bought for the game room was the pool table.  It was a Craigslist steal, and hopefully we won't regret getting it later.  (It just seems like so many people buy pool tables and end up getting rid of them after a few years...)

Next, we found the couch (also a Craigslist purchase), which was a great bargain and exactly what we were looking for.  It came with the throw pillows that you see in the picture above, but I sort of hate them.  I've searched the world over for some that are acceptable to me and I haven't had any luck yet.  But I haven't given up... :)

At some point, I decided that a "travel" theme would be pretty cool for up here.  Shortly thereafter, I found the subway wall hangings at Home Decorators, and I couldn't pass them up.  They were SUPER cheap and went well with the slightly industrial feel I was going for.

 photo IMG_6513.jpg

I also liked the travel theme because it gave me a place to display at least some of the pretty pictures I took in Paris and London.  I bought a few Groupons from Canvas on Demand at the recommendation of my photographer best friend (who indicated that they had great quality for great prices). 

 photo IMG_6526.jpg

Lauren edited these pictures that I took of London and Paris to make them black and white, and then I placed the order with Canvas on Demand.  I absolutely adore how the canvases turned out.  It's sort of hard to tell, but they're massive (24 X 36), incredibly sharp and crisp, and totally look like something you'd find in the art section of Z Gallerie.

 photo IMG_6528.jpg


Here's a better glance at what's on the other side of the pool table.

 photo IMG_6523.jpg

The media center is a dresser that I bought and had painted and converted to a media center by removing the top drawers.   Ideally, I'd like a tree of some sort on one side of it, as well as some fun, knick-knacky things on top, but we haven't gotten there yet.

 photo IMG_6530.jpg

The dartboard was Micah's idea, and the London-ish chalboard was a Hobby Lobby clearance find.  I like the splash of red in the room, which isn't like me, as I'm not normally drawn to red in my own home (although I LOVE seeing it in other people's homes).

Spinning back around toward the couch...

 photo IMG_6518.jpg

I found the clock on clearance at Hobby Lobby and just loved the pocketwatch look of it.  The frame next to it has resulted in some serious conflict between Micah and me.

 photo IMG_6521.jpg

I made this collage of all the Instagram pictures I took while I was in London and Paris (and am considering doing a tutorial on how I did it - would anyone be interested in that?).  I think it gives the fairly serious room some much-needed whimsy, but Micah hates it.  He thinks it crowds the wall above the couch and that we should move it to the hallway.  I literally started crying the other day during an argument we had about whether it should stay or go (I may or may not be slightly hormonal right now...).

As of now, I'm winning. :)

Again, we're definitely not done up there, but I'm pleased with how it's looking so far.  I have a slight suspicion, though, that this space will end up filled with toys and stuffed animals here before I get around to finishing it...

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Annabelle said...

It's not a suspicion, it's really what's going to happen! Toys, Toys, and more toys!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

So classy and simple! Great job! Hope you are feeling well in these last few weeks of your pregnancy:)

Emily said...

I love love love the couch and can't believe you got it off Craigslist. I am so sacred to purchase anything big from there, you are so brave and it pays off! I also love the travel theme! So perfect!

Anonymous said...

Again, I like your design style!

Jessica K said...

Oh the Instagram tutorial would be awesome! I have been seeing them around, and attempted myself, but I cannot figure it out!

I personally love having family photos around. Makes it feel like a home to me, so I am with you. Leave the photos up! And way to go with the Craigslist finds. That's awesome!

Faith said...

I need a tutorial on those Instagram pics! I've been wanting to do something like that! I can't believe I didn't make it upstairs but the game room and landing look amazing!!

Kaitlyn said...

I definitely want a tutorial on how you did the istagram picture! LOVE IT!

Jennjilla said...

I love the collage! I want to know how to do that! Please post a how-to (and I pray it is easy because I'm a horrible do-it-yourself'er)

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