Friday, July 12, 2013

High Five for Friday Five Confessions...

Hi friends!

It's Friday, and I've got a few confessions to share, so I'm linking up with LaurenJoy, and Leslie for their High Five for Friday, Friday Five, and Friday Confessions posts (hence the title...) (I suppose it's a little early for "hence," hmm?).

Let's get to confessing, y'all.

1.  Waterworks.

Since Grace wasn't feeling well and stayed with my dad and Micah's mom the past two days, today was her first day at daycare.  I thought I could hold it together, but I made it about 2.5 seconds before the tears started flowing.  Her poor, sweet teacher had to offer me a tissue as I was signing her in.  Ha.

I know that she'll be totally fine (she was just smiling away when I left)... it's me that will have to adjust to spending the day without her.  It's just going to take a few days (and I'm going to have to keep some tissue in my purse until then... :)).

2.  Just Like Mommy.

Someone has begun to discover her thumb.

 photo 20130712.jpg

Before she was born, I swore I wouldn't let her become a thumb sucker.  For all the obvious reasons, plus one.

 photo 20130712-1.jpg

I may or may not have sucked my thumb until I was at least five years old.

But this likely just the beginning of a life of doing things I said I'd never do, and I'm letting it go.

3.   Guilty Pleasure.

Are you guys watching the last season of Dexter?  Micah and I kind of hate ourselves for loving such a dark and demented show, but we can't help it.  We have to see how it ends.  Will Deb pull herself together?  Will the world discover Dexter's secret?  The suspense is killing me!

4.  Another Guilty Pleasure.

I've been trying to avoid sugar stuff lately and failing miserably.  The problem is that, although I haven't bought any Pop Tarts (my go-to indulgence), I've got plenty of marshmallows and chocolate chips laying around.  (I justify their presence in my pantry by reasoning that they're baking essentials.  And every southern gal has to be ready to whip up a delicious dessert on a moment's notice.)  I've been melting a few marshmallows and chocolate chips and topping them with a sliced banana.  It's not the worst thing I could be eating, I know, but it definitely ain't celery...

5.  Lazy.

I've taken to buying every day grocery items on Amazon.  It's a colossal waste of resources to ship Palmolive hand soap via two-day shipping, I know, but I'm Amazon Prime, baby, and it's free.  Amazon has gotten hip to the laziness of people like me and requires you to spend at least $25 independent of your small item purchase, but I was buying a Sophie giraffe anyway, so it was no skin off my back.  (I still hate myself for buying into the scam of spending over $20 on a plastic giraffe, but the peer pressure got to me...).

Alrighty, friends.  What do you need to confess today?

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Established: 2008 said...

Man, do I love Amazon. And could Grace be any cuter? I doubt it.

Joy said...

I hate Grace wasn't feeling well this week, but I know you are happy you had help near by! Hope she is feeling completely better, soon. And I think that little thumb sucker is adorable! Thanks for linking up with me today! And, HAPPY FRIDAY! Enjoy your weekend.

Jennjilla said...

Awww, Grace is so precious! I can't get enough of her sweet face. I hope she is feeling better!

I hear you about sugar....that is enemy number 1 for me. I finally found something that curbed my cravings, Vi Shakes. I don't know what is different about them vs. other shakes and why they work so well for me, but whatever. They work! Plus, I've lost weight, so BONUS!! :)

Happy Friday!! :)

Annabelle said...

Yay for getting through the day! Or I am assuming you have! Hug that sweet girl for me! Amazon get my wallet everytime! SMH!

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